Are these ladies ready to Harvest?

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Hello guys and gals,
This is my first grow ever, but it's getting close to the end. I'm doing 7 auto flower plants that I planted all within the same week of each other. I'm currently in about week 10-11. My main question is how to tell if the plants are ready to harvest. All of the plants seem to be frosty in the around the buds. These last 2 weeks they been getting orange hairs and have been curling however a lot of the bottom growth of the plants still looks very young still. Seems the hairs are still straight and the buds look under development. Having had said that I think i might consider harvesting in two rounds. But in all honestly I don't really know. Was hoping to get a second opinion. I've read lot on line and forums that you've really have to wait untill the hairs looks orange and that the trichomes are milky, or orange depending on what you prefer. I've looked at the trichomes on my plants and i just can't tell the difference. One of my plants in particular looks like she is dying mostly near the top where the more mature buds are while the bottom section still looks okay. Also was wondering what would be the proper way of harvesting and curing the buds. I'm planning on flushing them over a week period before harvest. But if i were two yo harvest twice what would be the best way to do that. Also when curing in mason jars what is the optimum humidity that they need to be maintained
to cure them properly.
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