Bayer 3 in 1 Tree and Shrub, nitrogen toxicity, help!

Phenotyper, One question for you...Are you spraying when the lights are on? Sorry I wasn't sure.
Pheno - Limelight.Bx is exactly RIGHT! DO NOT use Bayer products. I will expand more on that below.
Second, don't ever trust a corporation to tell you their rate of feeding. You will certainly learn the hard way! There obnoxious feeding programs will all burn and become toxic at their recommended rate, or kill, your plants - especially herbs. This plant is easy to grow, but, remember plants are autotroph's, meaning they create their own food through photosynthesis which is a chemical process. The plant doesn't eat like us and digest in our belly, they have to break down elements they can uptake through a chemical process at root tips and cell walls. So feed your plants with slow chemical process in mind, and you will be more careful, I know. The companies out there want you to buy more and more, right? Cut the dosages by as much as 50-75% and the plants will get more than enough.

On Bayer and other dangerous and poisonous products - I am almost certain it is a Monsanto (mon-satan) product. Regrdless, the product should not belong in a grow room. They are killing bees and US!! This is not hype or hysteria...this is a very serious topic indeed. Aside from your case, I lost my entire outdoor crop because (little to my knowledge) I purchased what I thought was local organic soil (VERMIFIRE:puke2::opps:), and turned out the CO. sold out to foxfarm...Monsatan. FACT - Monsatan is trying to complicate, destroy, poison, and take over the cannabis industry and make a simple thing complicated and demand more and more products and grow environment requirements that are unnecessary. It is there way of entering into the market, controlling it, before it is legal. So by, purchasing products such as Bayer, which is toxic to plants, and the ecosystem, you support the oligopoly Monsanto is trying to create within OUR industry, and at the same time, threaten our very own sustainability on this planet. Please educate yourself with not only what you feed your plants, but what you buy and spray around your nervous system and your family! I am not coming from a place of malice or negativity, but I will be the light on this subject any way I can to bring a healthier growing environment for us all and the earth. Keep your room clean, don't show it off to a mite bus (friends), cut your nutz by 75% (also your soil's bio-life will thank you), keep enzymes in the routine, use mostly organic, and become more informed on nutrients you feed your medicine.

Great peace of advice and many ways to achieve better than stellar results using organic/more natural products.
Vermifire was bought out by mansanto?! I almost used it as my base this year because they were out of vitality.. Thank you for the news! And that's very sad.