Beginner's Space Tote Diary


Growing in a single tote - horizontally. I know I will have to keep my plants small, but the plan is to go perpetual in the future by having a seperate veg tote. Trying to stay under 5 plants/28 grams dry. Biggest plant on the left is an auto 2 weeks from sprout and on the right is a photo about 12 days from sprout. In the solo cups is an auto and photo, not sprouted yet but I'm not sure which one is which 😅 I guess I will find out in some weeks. I have elevated them about 4" closer to the light. I think my breeze fan is too big, might have to swap out for a couple of PC fans or something. It works for now. I keep some raised domes on the bigger seedlings with holes in top, else they get way too much breeze right now. I might need some kind of deflector for that fan. Light schedule is 24 hours currently. Currently have 2 blurple LED QBs on top, and will be adding some 6500k led strips on the sides soon. It does seem like they need more veg spectrum, but I am still pleased with the progress.
Day 16 from seed / 13 from sprout

Veg lights added. Watering time is coming up, just not sure when I should. Waiting longer this time than I did last time to water. Light schedule changed to 20/4.
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It's been hot these past 2 days, and growth has slowed. I have lowered the plants to the bottom of the tote, did some remodeling, added a PC fan, and I'm happy to report that my temps are down to room temp (74F) at the soil level. Hopefully when they grow bigger they can handle a little more heat because no doubt it is a bit warmer higher up, and it's going to get hotter outside
Photo from yesterday. I think my tote looks great. If it gets too hot today, I may only run the side lighting until it cools down.
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Just FIM'd my eldest yesterday, kinda wishing I did it a week sooner. She is an auto about 20 days from sprout. Hopefully it all works out and she is not majorly stunted. If it is, oh well. She had been growing nodes super close to each other and her stem getting thick so this was a panic maneuver on my part.