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Week 5 Flower
DSC 5504



Went out with my best friend to collect some bamboo for a ScrOG screen.


Seal of approval.

Gonna fire cure it. Thinking I might tie the intersections together with some beeswaxed hemp twine. Maybe notch it out like Lincoln Logs.
We'll see how that plays out.


Day 38 Flower
DSC 5507

More and more pump woes this time around.
A redesign is in order before I get the next run going.

But... we're picking up. Lefty lifts her leaves to the skies more often now (usually towards sundown is when I notice). And, since adding the mag sulfate, we're seeing a little bit of resin production. But... it's kinda wasted space. Sorry, girl... working out the kinks.

DSC 5513
DSC 5514

And, despite taking the brunt of the malfunctions, righty is making it work.
DSC 5508
DSC 5510 1

DSC 5509 1

She's filling out those nodes, frosting up, and getting stanky.
It's a menagerie of aromas at this point. That funky skunky caramelly appley sort of smell was the last I noted. The pine wasn't so forward. I guess I've noticed that's more of a young flower thing anyway.
Also, as far as light penetration... kinda nailed it I think. I have a feeling the lowermost stuff is gonna finish up at least being full and dense smaller nugs.
So, as I noted, I get about 20" with 4-6" of headroom. Not bad especially for the micro settings. I have about 8" I can raise the light yet, so I think I can get away with 30 days veg with training. It's much preferable to get them a little more mature before before flipping. Obviously, with clones, I'll have to readjust.

On that note...
DSC 5523

Slapped some BIN and sample paint on the cabinet I removed to fit the grow cabinet.
Perfect micro mother clone box. I already ordered LEDs and drivers to outfit it 😬

And I put 4 more Trainwreck x Blue Velvet beans to paper towel 🤩
DSC 5534

Hoping for some of that Afghan trait in a lady. If it follows usual indica finishing time, I'd be more than excited to have it for some outdoors.
But man. The growth on these was fantastic. They scoffed at the same root rot that tanked the ones I've got going. Very excited to keep them going this time.
Think I'll keep them in promix for my needs. Something to steady their pace a bit.


Fire-curing bamboo in a minute and a half:

Now just repeat that x a billion 😒

Actually took like 9 minutes.
Used the torch due to wind.
You get way better results with a torch, but it's more time-consuming. It was more practical when making one or two didjeridoos.
I tried a piece over a chiminea and dries up the resin too quickly with how small the branches are. Much harder to control.
Think I'll try an ember bed next so there's more consistency to the heat.
Come to think of it, I've got a banjo burner I could yank out of a kettle burner. That might get me moving along more quickly. The oak is free though 🤷‍♂️

ScrOG screen, here I come! 🤣😂😢😭🛌


20221017 162548 1

20221017 162826 1
20221017 163144 1

3 of 4 popped within 48 hours, 1 popped the following day. Cotes already showing on 2.

LEDs/driver due Wednesday. No word on extrusions 🤔 They're out of NY, so I recall the turnaround being short last time. Might throw a couple more screw-ins in in the meantime. How's that for English?


Week 6 Flower
Righty, in focus.
5535 copy

5536 copy

5540 copy

Keepin' on keepin' on.
I'll like to fill out those stems next time around, but I'm happy with my pruning.

Lefty doin' somethin'
5541 copy

I don't anticipate either to be ready in even 3 weeks. We'll see though.

5547 copy
5546 copy
5548 copy

It's keeping in the low 30s outside at night right now. Low 50s in the garage. 70ºf ±2º in the mother cab. Bit chilly... probably should have kept them inside until I got the environment dialed 🤔
All the LED stuff is now set for delivery tomorrow, extrusions included. Might bring them inside for tonight. Hopefully bringing 100W to the cab will bring us up closer to ideal.

Already showing the first leaf set on the two quick ones. Those are the hopefuls.


DSC 5562

And we're off! Or on 🤔 On.

So I've got it just running 5 strips right now. Brought the temps up a little but I think it's too intense. Got 500ppfd from photone... not too bad, but I think I'll probably add all 10 and split them up 6/4... 4 being used above the plants, 6 just running in the unoccupied space to get the heat up some more. I expected 50% to be gentle enough. Guess I should have got a dimmable driver.
DSC 5558

DSC 5559

And while I was farting around with photone for the first time, I saw that my flower cab is running at a measly 200ppfd! Fack. I thought it seemed dimmer, but part of me thought, 'oh shit are my eyes getting that bad?' and the other part thought it was just because I didn't have the white of the tote reflecting back at me anymore. But nope. Now I gotta do some detective work 😑

Ironing out the kinks, yeah?


Tidying Up
DSC 5572

DSC 5570
DSC 5571

Flashed my scoby. Sorry, feller.
DSC 5573

And got the cab more situated.
DSC 5574

DSC 5575

DSC 5578

380ish on the wee ones. Much better.
800 up top 🤩😎

Flower cab I remeasured at 300ish 💩
What sucks is I don't have a point of reference from previous grows/performance other than a rough g/w which gives me nothing.
So... best I can do is make sure it's all running at rated power and whatnot. It'll be my first go at diagnostics in this sort of application 🧐⚡been all plug and play thus.
I'll yank that out of there tomorrow morning before their nightfall. Get 12 hours to hopefully sure it up.


DSC 5602

Potentiometer was fucky.
We're at 500ppfd at 24" now. Think I wanna make this beluga 240 a beluga 320 🤔. Might could figure out a way to throw those far/deep reds on there while I have it down... be interested to see what the extra 50w in that spectrum does.. iirc reds are pretty high in lux comparatively...
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