Best Brand Coco Coir

I was having issues the last two rounds and Decided to go back to the start when It was smooth and the Coco was Botanicare
Started at page one and went through the thread hear again,
I will note:
When it comes to the best coco for the best price for any application its Empire all day... Aged, Low EC, Superwashed from Sri Lanka would be a consideration.
But My best rounds are when I take the brick of Botanicare break it up and add 5 gallons of 6.0 ph PLANE water thats been bubbled over night.
Once I KNOW the PPM are under 100 I amend with Calcium and Magnesium Natural Sea shells crushed
put 1/3 parts 33 % by volume of Hydroton expanded clay that is also rinsed well and thats it. use as r=needed
Its always been a safe play and I am a Jacks pro user, along with OG bioWar amendments w/ tea once a week
I know its Organics mixed with salts BUT IMHO it is what works for me and Thats the part that Makes me smile.
What works for you should do the same.
Super grow Vibes Farmers
royal gold coco out of Humboldt county! I'm currently using it in my sin city grow, you can check out the results on my channel Bga life sin city/moxie seeds grow!! Great stuff !!!

Humboldts Royal Gold & Coco Loco is what i'm liking right now

i have some side by sides goin on right now using Royal Gold, Ready-Gro & Coco Loco...

so far the royal gold and coco loco are suiting my needs the best, although the royal does look more coco ish if you will, havent flowered with the royal yet, next month
brick coco is awesome, idk why everyone thinks you need to buffer it or mess with it, I add warm water and let it sit, mix it, and it's good to go. Easy and literally cheaper than dirt.

but as far as bagged coco goes, the tupur mix by royal gold is my favorite potting mix, ever. Even did some tomatoes and sunflowers outside with it this year.
Oh hell, use brick cocoo an it does the trick. No doubt just about anything works, but the guy who was representing RG was cool an gave us some cool promotional items. Felt obligated to buy some an if my memory serves me correctly I got basement because it had the least perlute in it. Yet, it worked good an use it straight out of bag with no issues. I'm sure the other blends work well also.
Cosmic coco is a good one I just tried. Was given a couple bricks to try out. Slurry test came out 70ppm and 6.1 ph. It has a red tint to it compared to the normal brown color it see with botanicare. Really liking it. It is distributed out of OR.
Which coco I use 70/30 coco to perlite, best advice in this industry read the bag I have used at least 5 kinds and coco is coco ya get what ya pay for.
One thing I have found after transplant (I only do it twice from beer cup to 8" and then depending on the strain 12" to finish) I leave about an inch and buy the very courses coco and cover the top with it. COCO only develops salt build up where is wet then dryes out this will not dry out and the salts are much less this also stops molds and mildews. One last thing coco is almost impossible to over water but use your head if the roots are to wet the plant will stall and the leaves will tell you.
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