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Yeah, I didn’t top them? I don’t know why I didn’t. I guess I forgot? That’s embarrassing!
I didn’t put enough thought or effort into this grow, and this is the first time….
Far as nutrients, I’m using general hydroponics at half recommended on the bottle. I’m also using General hydroponics cal- Mag at 1 teaspoon per gallon.
I have a mars Hydro 300 watt that I’m running at 55% now, I was running it at 65% and the plants did not like that because of course they’re way too tall!
I wish I could send a video but I can’t seem to figure it out? I have four short plants on the side of my tent that im using a 80 watt strip light set.
Idk if it's sarcasm but love it 😂
Great first grow!!! try to plan step by step u doin good just need to grow more times


No not sarcasm just stupid of me you know?
In the past, I’ve always let the plants grow the way they want. I didn’t really lollipop them? This time I tried to lollipop them and have no undergrowth, but I let them grow too tall….so live and learn I
But here’s a couple pictures of a previous grows….
IMG 4992
IMG 5109
IMG 5258
IMG 5275
IMG 5304
IMG 5284
IMG 7922
IMG 7635
IMG 7636
IMG 7638
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