Breeding Autoflowering?


I'm trying to make some autos(or at least fast enough plants) with Purple Mazar father(the fastest one I got) and 2 mothers from the same strain(but they look like different fenos,one is faster than the other one,which is bigger).I have also GG auto(clone,yes I know I cant make clones from auto haha but I do,just need few pistils from it) and some Champagne super auto(it was for free but really nice and big one,didnt try it yet but I left one clone from it to pollinate it just in case it is worth it).I will show the results here because my thread about that is on Bulgarian:)O,wait,i have one more female Snowrider for pollinating.
Why not just use colloidal silver on one branch of the female auto, let it develop pollen sacks, and pollinate the rest of the plant?

They would all be feminized S1 seeds. Could easily get 100 seeds off of one plant.

I wonder if there would be much variation in the offspring?

I think not, since most autos are inbred lines for at least 5 generations. Should be pretty stable.
A series of chance incidents lead me to where I am now:
  • I dropped a light on a Northern Light Auto and broke the main stem off at about 4 inches above the soil.
  • I was interested if I could make colloidal silver and turn a female auto, the broken plant in particular.
  • Crossing hemp (seed from a health shop) with an auto to grow a cbd strain.
  • fertilising the auto strains to keep a supply of seeds rather than spending a fortune on seeds
Turns out, the colloidal silver appears to have turned my girl and I'm waiting for pollen to drop so I can collect it.

First picture was 17th Sept and the second was 5 Oct.
hermie 17 Sept.jpg

hermie 5 oct.JPG