Bugs fixed

  • Thread starter logic
  • Start date
  • Tagged users None


Here is a list of bugs that will be fixed in the next few days when we upgrade to xenforo 1.2 :)

  • Improve character conversion options and defaults in the importers
  • Fix a number of issues when importing data from XenForo 1.2
  • Reduce memory usage in deferred classes (debug mode/installer/upgrader only)
  • Fix multi-select stylings in iOS/OS X
  • Adjust wrapping behavior of poll results
  • Detect if conversation totals are incorrect and recalculate when needed
  • Fix specific situations where CSS was not flipped in RTL
  • Fix the rich text editor in the admin CP
  • Ensure that a password is entered when registering
  • Change the copyright to not have a hard coded color
  • Fix the admin CP search being case sensitive
  • Fix an issue that prevented cron tasks from being run after failing
  • When editing a thread via the thread list, maintain the forum title if it's displayed
  • Use the "canonical" URL to avatars in an email
  • Improve RTL email display
  • Fix regular expression in RTE text processing failing with some PCRE setups and long posts
  • Improve pasting of certain HTML tags into the RTE
  • Fix cut/copy handling in the RTE in IE8
  • Fix Chrome and IE scrolling unexpected when pasting into the RTE
  • Ensure that the guest user object has all default user fields specified
  • Tweak the printable character count in signatures to be more accurate
  • Nofollow/noindex debug output to ensure it doesn't get indexed
  • Fixes and improved compatibility for IE11 (particularly in the editor)
  • Updated to jQuery 1.10.2 for improved IE11 compatibility
  • Nofollow member search links as the results won't be indexed
  • Fix potential situation where forum counters could become incorrect
  • Fix spam checking on profile posts/status updates
  • Fix situation where route filters could be applied to incoming routes incorrectly
  • Make the account upgrades page responsive
  • Fix behavior of registration spam checks when the manual moderation threshold is disabled
  • Incorrect last post dates on threads in the global RSS feed
  • Prevent a PHP crash/blank output when editing a large post
  • Prevent some server error logs with long input in certain pages
  • Fix incorrect "can revert" permission check in edit history.
  • Make the filter controls in the ban list search across all pages of results
  • Fix problems with tagging users that have @ in their usernames
  • Fix importing of pages from XenForo
  • Limit the number of users a person can follow to prevent performance issues
  • Tidy up the sub-forum list with long forum titles
  • Fix errors if a URL tag is manually added around text that has already been automatically linked
  • Limit the maximum depth of BB code to prevent possible recursion errors and styling problems.
  • Tagging users incorrectly disabled by default on fresh installs
  • Thread watch records not maintained when threads are merged
  • Incorrect importing of page nodes in the XenForo to XenForo import
  • Handle corrupted data more gracefully in several import situations
  • Adding two else conditions in a template does not throw an error as expected
  • ImageMagick resizes images incorrectly in very specific cases
  • Make sure that "deny" actions in spam prevention handling overrides "moderate" actions
  • Inline form errors not positioned correctly in RTL
  • Weekly/monthly statistics not shown correctly in RTL
  • Add additional direction attribute to email containers for RTL
  • Disable user tagging within certain BB codes (such as code tags)
  • Fix situation where node names were not available in URL generation
  • Expand romanization of Greek to be more extensive
  • Lightbox image selection incorrect when opening a second lightbox on a page
  • Default open graph logo size increased and image tweaked
  • ImageMagick class named incorrectly based on containing directory name
  • When loading an overlay, run inline JS before xfActivate.


Logic,Since we lost thcfarmer style we cannot access the old OG growfaq,will it be coming back or is it just gone for good?
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