California LightWorks "Solarstorm" LED Light

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I wasn't sure if you were asking for a picture of the 5 watt diode in the SolarStorm or some other light. Here's a picture of the diode in the SolarStorm. I did my best with my camera, but I need some sort of macro lens to better capture the images.


It definitely looks like it's just one diode.

Recently did an interview with George (the owner of California LightWorks). I always give the people I interview a chance to advertise, but I think George provides some pretty solid information in the interview for those interested: California LightWorks Interview with George Mekhtarian

spin doc

Doups3 Great Link. The link contained the picture of the 5 w diode ... though not a great shot. ill have to do a bit more research on the existence of a 5 watt diode. But have to say, while I have not yet been converted to the technology or become a loyal fan of any brand currently out there, based on the knowledge I have acquired to date, California Lightworks and their founder have consistently come across as the most knowlegeable and straigth shooting. The aspects of lighting he cites (ratings of diodes, spectrum requirements, PPFD needs & the appropriateness of measuring light in PPFD vs watts) is spot on. IF, I were to take th plunge into the world of LED today, I would have to give California Lightworks serious consideration.
However, I have gained a lot of knowledge through 'cybe' interactions with a group of guys I have previously referred to as a 'cyber think tank' and am still following their work prior to taking the plunge.

Thanks for the link


Vanilla Smasher.. These guys are most definitely for real.. The owner, George Mekhtarian, is well known in the high tech world of silicon valley. I worked there for many years, and checked him out before sending any money.. I recieved my solarstorm yesterday, and am looking forward to doing a few side by sides with one of my 1000Watt HPS.. I have spoken with George at length about these LED's, so if people here have any questions, feel free to ask.. I will start to post pictures of my test grow very soon..


Does anyone even know if they are for real? They ask for payment via paypal and have no Visa or Mastercard option. I did a BBB search and nothing came up.
The securesale logo or whatever is owned by George Mekhtarian.
Who is a businessman and probably doesnt guarantuee much but he does hold 13 patents related to LED tech filed between 1971-2010.
Checking further he holds patents in several if not most of the well known and some not so known LED panel retailers.

I smell a lot bullshit going on here.. Pricefixing would be one, buying up the poor independent another. And meanwhile everything that sells, any light means money to that guy.
..Or maybe I'm wrong and need a hug.

nice research
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