Capt's Farms is going for it

Sorry that happened. I would use these & mouse traps; I used these outdoors and nothing has been near my garden since

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I was going to get them too bro..... man when did the price go so high...... they used to be 99cents a box.............. and as mad as I am....
I knew I should of covered those solos and etc... I just got lazy /out of engery for the day....

man I really won't be so upset about this but they where not my beans I can't replace them right now....... and the SkunkyD's piss me way off..

Good thing I know a guy that knows this guy and there's some of his on the way...... I still have a few of the other 1's and Bodeans isn't a problem his is just a email to have new ones on the way...

there really is some Kool Cats on this site.........

man I seen your post I'm sry bro

you don't NEED That Shit Either........................🧐🤬
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You're right Captain the price went up like a rocket! but they did the trick;

Whatever was digging at my tomatoes the first night, when I came out in the morning every single one was dug up, fortunately they were big enough to survive! 🙏

So I used piss until Amazon delivered, and either my piss or the moth balls did the trick?

They also have some products that claim to be made just for that but I can only comment on the mothballs. Unfortunately I know that's not going to bring the genetics you lost back but it might help next run!?
I think if the dogs where going in there It would help also.. but with the pups I didn't want them to eat and play with the plants...... sucks that they can sit outside on the fence with NO Problems but the min I start the room again I got

It will get Better