Caught a ghost in my tent

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A few weeks ago I was tending to my plants and noticed the light was dim, like really dim. Light is a viparspectra XS4000 in a 2x4. Light takes up the whole space of the tent, so cant really get my head up there to see anything. So I reach my hand up there and sure enough, its at the lowest setting. Im like wtf, how did that happen. Plants were about 3 weeks into flower at the time.

So today I'm in there and wondering why my buds are taking so long, should be bigger by now and more color. Then I notice the light seems dimmer again. I reach my hand up and again, its at like 30%! Im like how the fuck is this happening??!

So now I'm just sitting there starring at it, baffled.. Then as I'm watching the AC infinity clip on fan, I spotted it. Sonofabitch!!!

Turns out, every time the fan oscillated in one direction, it was ever so slightly bumping the lights power cord. And little by little, it was pushing the cord into the dimmer dial and "adjusting" it for me..

Not sure how far back thats gonna set this crop, they look beautiful and healthy but.. Well at least I got it figured out anyway.. 🙃
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Sometimes it's the simplest things.......I didn't change my lights out and forget to change the timer just recently.......twice!......not me...
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