CB9 Distillate, have you heard about it? Tried it?

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Theoretically speaking, CB9, a cannabinoid distillate, possesses a unique molecular structure, characterized by a natural five-carbon tail.
This distinct structure imparts psychoactive properties to CB9, setting it apart from other cannabinoids, including CBD.

CB9 is still a relatively new cannabinoid, and clear information about it is not widely available yet.

Here's what a seller has to say about it: https://www.stateofmindlabs.com/best-new-cannabinoids-in-2022-for-japan-and-worldwide/

To quote the aforementioned source regarding the effects of CB9:
CB9 Distillate delivers a balanced psychoactive experience.
Its effects are significant yet controlled, providing a psychoactive journey that is enjoyable without being overwhelming. This aspect is particularly important for users seeking to explore the benefits of THC in a safe manner, without the intense effects often associated with stronger variants.

For those curious about the specific sensations, CB9 offers a smooth onset followed by a sustained period of clarity and relaxation. Unlike some psychoactive compounds that can induce feelings of unease or disorientation, CB9 Distillate maintains a harmonious balance between mind and body effects. This characteristic makes it an ideal choice for both recreational users seeking a pleasant experience, and for those looking to incorporate THC into their wellness regimen without the side effects of stronger cannabinoids.​
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