Changing Lights Which Way Would Be Better

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Hey all
im just a little tent grower 2x4.I currently run 8 t-5 bulbs,40,000 lumens,400 watts.and various flower bulbs at the same time from agromax.
There is a reason im limited on power,its included in my rent and dont want to raise a red flag
here in hickville,usa.
I currently run my whole grow for apprx 500 watts,including a mother tent for veg clone and mothers.

So what Im wondering is should i go with 2 150 watt hps at 32,000 lumens and 300 watts,but, but,
it is a more penetrating light.
I currently get around 7 inches penetration down into the canopy.
The yield is ok but i keep thinking with hps i would get a little more yield.
Ive grown off and on for years,so im aware of the whole lumens and par and watts per square foot and etc
but just looking for other points of view.


I would likely use a CMH 315. It's called a Ceramic Metal Halide and it is fairly new technology. They have conversion kits available for old HPS hoods which is likely the cheapest way to go. Get a hood for cheap then pair it with a conversion kit.

L.E.D. is getting better it almost has me ready to buy but I haven't seen these used in person so I can't really vouch for them. But they certainly give penetration at lower watts so it would give you some good control.
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