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Yo T n G's, thought it was time to dump my buddies start up grow thread and sundry and start a new one. I only grow for my own needs, been smoking since I was a kid, so I like a nice smoke, and as we all know, if you want anything doing right, then do it your self. I've grown in all sorts of environments, from under the bed to warehouses, but these days I just like to idle away my spare time, which isn't a lot, to getting stoned, in peace. So this Grow Log is dedicated to anyone who just likes to get stoned, with a bit of nice gear and chill. So if your in that bracket, then stay tuned and see how it goes, you never know, you may learn some thing, or not. My space is not massive at two and a half feet by five long, and eight feet tall, biggest plant I've grown was a seven foot Sativa, took up the whole space on it's own, a 16 week beast of a plant, with a very euphoric hit. Anyway, I've finally got round to buying a new camera, so by the time my other grow diary comes to an end (5 weeks'ish), I should have worked out how to use it. lol Went for a Sony RX100 IV, I have long distance lenses on my other camera, but I just wanted some thing to take general pix that didn't need a ruck sack of back up to work that I could just pop in my pocket, this compact camera takes 4k vids, gives me the option to send any pix I like to adjacent smart phones or devices, so a bit of tech to get my head round. I've started an outdoor Auto seed, got the pot and medium sorted, went thirds on each when I mixed up the medium, sharp grit, home copost, and garden soil. Hope it likes its new home. 🙂

This is the empty planter waiting for the Auto to arrive.


What's this hiding in the warm? Looks like a Gorilla Auto popping through.🙂


The Auto has a long way to go before it goes outside full time, will get it potted up and show it some sun, 😎 unless it takes a dive, as some seeds seem to do. So in a couple of weeks I'll be on this log full time. The Auto will be updated on this log as it progresses, so until then, stay tuned, and above all, just keep tokin. 👍


Yo, here's how I planted the Auto seed. Root Riot cube, soaked, then the seeds planted and covered until it sprouts. Here's one I did earlier.


Never done well with Auto's outdoors, my fault for living in a temperate zone where it's sunny one day and dark and rainy the day after. lol But it's got every chance to bloom, if the weather holds up and we don't get a cold snap like we normally do, then I may see a result with this auto. Outdoors here is a bit of a waste of time, if it's not rain and hail it legions of leaf eating bugs, we'll see. Keep tokin.


Seed husk stuck on my only Auto seed, hot day yesterday, cold last night, and it's stuck. No problem at all, put your squirty bottle on stun, jet, and shoot the husk off from the under side of the husk, two shots and mine has gone, try it. 👍 😎

All the top tips here or what. Keep tokin folks. 😎


Morning, had some bad weather this last week, wind and some really heavy cold Spring rain, flooded all my planters, including my outdoor Auto. 😡 The seedling was washed out of the soil onto the surface, next morning I lifted the cloche, and there it was sat on top of the soil. As gardeners we are used to having to go the extra mile for our plants, so it was picked up two days ago, and put into a 6 inch pot, and stuffed under a nice warm strip light. In the last couple of days it's struggled to get going again. But this morning when I checked it had perked up a little bit. 🙂 So it might still sit out in the Summer sun. 🤞 We'll see.

It's not big, but it's still breathing and it's the only Auto seed I have. 🙂

It's a wait and see job, so see you next week. 😉

P.S Wishing I had grown this seed first and posted after it flowered out, but at least you know it's live. lol Keep tokin folks.


Yo, what a week it's been weather wise, lashing rain, sudden cold snaps, not the best environment for my outdoor Auto Gorilla Glue, but if it keeps going until the better weather arrives, then it should do well. I've left it in the 6 inch pot due to it being portable if we have a late season frost, there's still time. Here are the pics I took of the Auto this morning after it had rained.


Planted in a six inch pot, then it's on it's way to it's permanent home pot/planter. All garden soil with home made compost added. Added slow release 7.7.7 fertiliser, and this is all I plan to give the plant apart from tap water left to stand over night in a two gallon bucket. It looks ok on it at the minute, but has a long way to go, fingers crossed it makes it to the Summer, roll on Summer. 😎


Morning people, just a quick pic of the outdoor auto, we had hard frosts the last two mornings, first one froze the top of a water bucket. So I've had to take the seedling in at night and put it out when the day warms up. We need a bit of constant sunshine to get things moving, should pick up soon, after all, it is the middle of May.

This is the seedling, took the photo yesterday while the sun was out, it's starting to push out leaves in the centre. 🙂

Hoping for some sun today to spur it on. 🤞

And that's a wrap for the auto seedling update, keep tokin, and keep farming. 👨‍🌾


16 days old, outdoor from seed sprouting, if you check the pix you can see local weeds growing in the pot, left them in for reference, which will grow the fastest, the mountain weed, or the local weed, should give me a something to gauge my auto by, I don't know what the weeds are by the way. lol



Yo fans of hemp, hope your all well. A quick update on the outdoor Gorilla Auto. Took these just now, had some sun for a couple of days, but it's blowing a hooleeeeeee now, that should stiffen the seedling up. lol And what a difference a bit of sun makes, the auto has some nice new green leaves pushing through and is starting to look like a plant, so it's looking good at the minute, still have the odd frost or thunderstorm to weather yet, but I think it will do ok if it gets big enough to cope, the outlook is good. 29 days ago it broke the surface, been outdoors since it popped, and only slung under cover for frost protection. A couple of pics.



Look at the local weeds keeping up with the auto, may pot one up to see what it is, strange leaf shape for a weed. The good thing is the auto is keeping up with the weeds, so I must have got some thing right. And that's another update done, don't know what the weather holds for next week, hoping for sun, 😎 see you then. 👍


Morning people, just a quick update on my outdoor auto. We've had some sun and the auto made the most of it, fed only water, still in the six inch pot, it can go a bit longer in this pot as it's not filled it yet. Soon the last frosts will pass, and then it can move into it's final pot to flower out, won't be long now it has some good foliage on it. So onto the pics.

Day 36 from seed and starting to look like a plant. 😎




And that's about it, the weeds have been plucked before the get a hold, the sun is shining, it's Saturday, get some chores done and prepare the BBQ, what more could you want. Keep tokin folks, see you next week. 😎


Evening tokers and growers, hope your all well stoked. Just a quick update on my outdoor auto, which I've transplanted into it' final pot/bucket.
As I was having a toke and looking for bugs on my auto, I happened to notice roots poking out of the bottom of the pot, a sure sign the plant needs up potting.

And on further inspection, a nice root ball, definitely time to find a bigger pot. 😎

Had to make a planter due to my partner robbing the one I had earmarked for my auto, she likes her flowers. lol

I grew potatoes in this bucket last year. 🙂

But for the auto we need drainage. 👍


Fill with your chosen/secret soil mix, and pop your auto, job done.
DSC00377 (2).JPG

DSC00378 (2).JPG

And just add water. Gorilla Glue Auto on day 42. Rubbish weather here again, but at least it will water in my plant. 🌦 Keep tokin folks.


Morning tokers and growers, it's Saturday here, and it's been raining for a week solid, we needed it after the unexpected warm April. Hoping for sun from now on, but the forecast is grim, although the wildlife are loving it, and now there's plenty of grass for the deer and other herbivores, which cant be a bad thing. Anyway, the outdoor auto is slowly doing it's thing, or at least with me watching it daily it looks slow. But, after taking this weeks auto pics I noticed some growth when compared to last weeks, so it looks like the rain has been kind to my junior auto, and why not, the finest water you can give a plant is rain water, perfect PH. Enough babble, lets look at the pics.

Gorilla Glue Auto, 50 days from seed. Last week the plant was a small rosette in the middle of the bucket, this week it's touching the sides. ☺ 😎
DSC00408 (2).JPG

Starting to push out side shoots, don't know what height it will make? Hope to find out by August. 😎
DSC00406 (2).JPG

Just got to pick some seeds out for my next run, and by next week my flowering plants should be down, and then it's another strip, clean and paint. Hoping to rid my self of the tough strain of Thrips I've picked up. 🤬 It's not that the thrips harm much, but it makes your diary pics look rough. lol I've done away with vegging cuttings for the time being and gone over to seeds only, seems to be my veg plants that pick them up and carry them over to my flower space. It's got to the point where the thrips need spraying with some thing I don't want to end up smoking, so vegging cuttings is done for the time being, and I'll not miss the extra work. 😉

So that's where I'm at, see what next week brings, until then, whoosh! Keep tokin folks. 👍


Morning tokers and growers, just a quick update on my outdoor Gorilla Glue Auto 57 days from seed. Been a wet week, but some sunshine broke through for a few hours. Its not until I compare the pics on this diary that I can see how fast the auto is growing, I see it every day and it never moves. lol And then I update my diary and I can see how much growth it's put on. love it. 🙂 Think I saw a couple of white hairs, but when I fetched the camera I couldn't find them. lol So maybe they'll be more pronounced next week. This is good, because it means it should flower out by the end of August, just as the windy season starts, and the rain.

Gorilla Glue Auto at 57 days.
DSC00424 (2).JPG

And as if you need any evidence of end to end rain. lol
DSC00422 (2).JPG

Not long until my next indoor run, just got to clean out the flower space and I'm good to go. Nearly decided on which seeds to pop, how many, and where their going to sit, I have room for six, but I think I get a better result with 4 plants, and I like the space round them to work, I like the scrog, but it has it's drawbacks, so this time I'm going free style, no netting or frames, just have decide on what seeds to bury. 🙂

So until next week, keep at it folks. 👍


Morning T n G's, hope your all well. This week see's me stripping and cleaning the flower space ready for the next run. All the grow hardware is out and ready for a hoover out.

Next up, not my favourite job, but it' got to be done. lol Two coats of flat white.

Job done, just got wait for it to dry.

Time to fire up the heat pad and let it flatten out and warm up.

Get the seed tray and closhe up to temperature, and the humidity built up under the closhe.

Time to pick seeds. Fancied another go at the Sticky Fingers, think I can do better with it if I can get it going well, the're very slow to pop.

Franco's Lemon Cheese.


Another Zkittle fem, these seeds have been rubbish until now, last two were males but were bought as fems (get your finger out Herbies).

And a Chocolate Skunk from 00 fills the last pot.
DSC00452 (2).JPG

DSC00451 (2).JPG

DSC00450 (2).JPG

Planted all the seeds in Root Riot cubes, I rate these cubes for seeds and cuttings, was using rockwool last year, but shove rockwool, it's an outdated medium that wont compost and I find some of my seeds get stuck in the strands an whither, so I'm no longer using it.

Then the seeds and pot are put into the seed tray, and the dome added, quick spray and that's it, just add waiting time.

And that is as far as I've got with this run at the moment, next week should see the seeds up and about, so see you then, keep tokin folks. 👍


One thing I forgot to mention was my extractor fan (RAM), when I was cleaning it I noticed stress cracks on the motor housing, they were not there when I cleaned it last run, these have happened since I started my last run 4 months ago, so beware people, make proper checks on your equipment before you start a run.


So when you finish your latest run, just blow out the top of your fans and have a look, this was covered in dust as it's on the extraction side of the fan, I noticed it when I used the airline to blow out the dust. Stay frosty people. 😉


And the other thing I couldn't remember, that I wanted to put up was outdoor Gorilla Glue Auto, it's doing well to say the weather is so unpredictable, one minute it's too hot for bare foot patio walking, the next day you need wellie's. lol But the picture speaks for it's self, and if you fancy a go at an auto, give it a go, interesting plant, but not for the impatient grower, these fuckers can be frustrating to watch when your used to a foot a week of growth under lights, my first inch took three weeks to grow, I nearly binned it, I thought it was a freak. lol But I'm glad to say, I didn't bin it, and I'm currently feeling the love for it. 😎

Gorilla Glue Auto, day 64
DSC00472 (2).JPG

DSC00472 (3).JPG

Some nice muff pushing through. Like the predatory Hoverfly protecting my plant. I'll put a tape to the plant when I get a minute and we'll see how tall it is. Going by the flowers I would say it's had it's stretch bar a couple of inches. Sun and showers are the weather forecast for the next couple of days, so more perfect water and sunshine on the way. 🌧☀😎
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