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I like both outdoor and indoor, and get some thing back from both. Summer outdoor when possible, and as organic as I can, which is why outdoors I only grow in soil. Indoor growing I love too, you just cant beat getting home from a hard day at work, fed, showered, and sit down and have a beer and smoke with your plants. I'm oldskool in the way I like to grow under MH and HPS, nothing against LED, but the HPS is Summer in the depth of Winter, sunglasses are optional. 😎 Some times I lean to DWC, flood n drain, and the odd coco grow, so I have no set plan, except I like to keep things simple, done big grows in the past, but it's all more work, and I can't be arsed anymore. lol Hence the name of my diary. I have buddies who grow, so no shortage of flavours and strains to go at, my only problem is I just cant stay awake like I used too. lol
I feel ya buddy. Still, up at 0400 every day... thanks for giving me good reading material. It will come in use.
Hahahhaa! Same :) I'm not into LEDs either. I have been using the same Flouro setup for the last 10 years with those little itty bitty flouro grow bulbs. I just mix them veg and bloom, every other one. Seems to do what it needs to do for my veg and momma plants. I used to use an HPS/MH combo lamp but the things get SO freaking hot and I live in a hot climate as it is. Just got sick of it so I traded that thing out for three 4x2 flouro fixtures that are kick ass. They only get it at night though. Everything is outside during the day unless the weather sucks. Also into the bonsai thing. These young bucks talk about super cropping and the old school SOG. I like using bonsai techniques for training branches and root trimming to keep mommas micro sized. Everyone has their own techniques that work for them. As long as the leaves are army green and the buds are frosty and chronic, I really don't think there are wrong answers. I kind of laugh at people who are testing PH from the run off of their plants and the like. A lot of this has REALLY gone overboard imo.
When do you do your first defoliation?

~~~Anecdotal evidence is the best evidence, provided it truthful. It always comes with proper context.
When do you do your first defoliation?

~~~Anecdotal evidence is the best evidence, provided it truthful. It always comes with proper context.
I don't as such, I only remove leaves that get in the way during veg, they will get topped to make them bushy in an attempt to keep them short, as I don't have endless height, but I don't do the stripped branches all the way up to the cola thing, leaves are power to a plant. A good tidy up the second week of flower and that's it.
When do you do your first defoliation?

~~~Anecdotal evidence is the best evidence, provided it truthful. It always comes with proper context.
Depends on the plant and what I want to develop during veg. This strain is one that I like side shoot "colas" from so at about 12 inches I whack the shit out of it, leave the growth shoot alone (I'm not height limited) and go for the big cola. As you can see it has fan leaf development again but not a lot of little buds on the inner parts of each branch. Yep that's a bath tub lol. I use an unused guest bathroom for my dark room lolol :)))
Afternoon T n G's, it's Saturday, two days off work, time to chill out and kick back with the family friends, but not until I've posted this update. 🙂 Seedlings are now young plants. Three of the foursome are taking off, but he Sticky Fingers is nine days behind, and only looks like it's just trying to grow, real slow seedling for such a vigorous tree when it gets going. 😕 The other three plants are not holding back, their off the starting block and heading into the sun. 😎 Right onto the pics, don't know if I'm getting any better with the new camera or not, need to get sat down and read the user manual, but when I get the time, I sit down and have a smoke, then I think fuck it, I'll do it another day. lol So anyway, pics.

First up is the Zkittles, week four from seed, and looking not bad. 🙂
DSC00553 (2).JPG

Next up is the Chocolate Skunk, 4 weeks from seed, and just starting to find it's legs. 👍
DSC00554 (2).JPG

Then we have the Franco's Lemon Cheese, I do like a lemon strain, looking forward to this one. 🙂
DSC00556 (2).JPG

And the Sticky Fingers bringing up the rear, might chuck it in the compost if it takes the piss to much this time. lol
DSC00560 (2).JPG

The outdoor Gorilla Glue Auto is thriving too, apart from the odd leaf muncher and endless wind and rain we have at the minute, it's coping really well.

Gorilla Glue Auto, day 92 from seed, and starting to fill out, and it stinks for it's size. I've been told that the stronger an auto smells, the better the hit? We'll see. lol
DSC00565 (2).JPG

Packing it on and becoming frosty.
DSC00566 (2).JPG

And that's this Saturday update, updated, off to do family things now, see you next week, keep tokin folks. 👍
Morning tokers and growers, hope your all well on this sunny Saturday morning. 😎 All the plants are doing well, hoping to flip to flower next week, there are some preliminary female traits starting to show on a couple of the plants, so nearly blue touch paper time. 🙂 I've removed a couple of the fan leaves so the side shoots get so good strong light, apart from that, nothing has been done to alter them in any way, not been topped either, watch these plants grow into the lights. lol The Sticky Fingers is still holding up the party, but it's getting flipped whether it's ready or not. Still on Canna A and B veg nuits, with a splash of Calmag and a few mills of Cannazyme. Pictures speak a thousand words, so lets move onto them.

Zkittles week 5 of veg.
DSC00567 (2).JPG

Franco's Lemon Cheese, week 5 of veg.
DSC00568 (2).JPG

Chocolate Skunk, week 5 of veg.
DSC00569 (2).JPG

Sticky Fingers, week 4 of veg.
DSC00570 (2).JPG

All the indoor plants are rockin and rollin. The oudoor auto is also doing well, could do with some wall to wall sun now to fatten up, but other than that it's doing well, and here are it's pics.

Gorilla Glue Auto, outdoor, day 99.

Getting a little frosty. 🙂
DSC00574 (2).JPG

Everything is on auto pilot (pun) at the minute, no defs, only the odd leaf muncher on the auto. And now It's time to kick back and enjoy the weekend, stay safe folks, just keep tokin. 👍
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