Crystal Candy & Dark Devel Autos By Edinburgh

Yea day 35, g poison does not to seem to want to flower, a galldarn shame thats what that is a shame, will leave the plant under both cycles for 1 more week by then i will know for shure, sucks!
Oops went to next page, g poison was sent to bed early for 1 week, the plant was being a bad 👧 so i had to take her to hand, i tied her down, i cut her light cycle for 1 week, then i put her right back in veg, plant has grown steadily and yea it is xl, by tieing it down and pruneing off the bottom fans the plant bushed out is still going up, is now starting to flower, great health, a late bloomer, a big ass plant im glad i tied it down it would have been to tall and stringy, just gonna run it, when i do not see flower by day 28 that is the only way i know how to kick start a truncate auto, any how ill snap a pic under the light i do not want to move it.
Oops did it again, the little plant is more candy at day 14, i may have to wait a bit to start my methisto toof decay grow, i allways read up on a strain before i start, it says if you put this strain in a big pot she will really put out, im sick of growing smallish strains like c candy, r dwarf, have some r poison thats not supposed to be small just g poison × a southern Pakistani purple pheno, well next up is toof decay, then maybe r poison, have some Northern lights, growers choice sent them to me for free anything to change that 1 🌟 review that 10.000 people saw, they offerd me my mony back, for 5 pacs of my choice, but i told them to just send me 3 beans they sent 5, they took 3 weeks to come, i figure you cant mess up Northern lights but i dont like the strain so i guess there gonna wait, awhile, i was gonna pop 1 seed instead of candy but they took so long to come i said f it, then they came, i ordered toof decay fri from oregon and it would b here if today was not a Holliday, they will b here tommorow, so why did it take a month to come from cali? Oh well if they had better shipping it would b under the light instead of candy!
Yep problems, first off could not get g poison to flower, i cut her light cycle for a week nothing, put in darkness 48 hours nothing, now plant is 45 days old so killed it, it will never flower takeing up space, a darn shame a nice big plant just a shame, tried to pop a methisto toof decay bean, nothing, so i tried a star dog bean nothing, tried another methisto bean nothing, wtf i mean really wtf? now im trying to pop the last tooth decay f ing pissed, i gemanate the way i allways do, a good auto bean will pop in 24 hours, i germanated these 3 beans for 5 days nothing, wtf? the last tooth decay is now germanateing ill probably lose it if it does not pop, and what the f is wrong with my star dog 1rst bean poped and grew into a great plant, i have been germanateing seeds for 40 years wtf? Anyway bad stuff happens sometimes, have plenty of good beans but this is the first bunk auto by sweet and i never had a methisto bean not pop, now i just had 2 wtf, only good news is c candy is doing ok, day 21 on 6th set and a girl, has yet to hit her spurt, hopefully when i wake up that tooth decay is germanated other wise ill do big devel xl or red poison or ill try another stardog as i like the strain, im not pissed about stardog it's fast buds my least fav breeder so one of there beans not poping is par for the course but methisto? and $20 a bean to boot but if that last bean pop's and does what methisto is supposed to do i wont lose mony but still wtf? First pic bunk g poison, next pics c candy day 21.
Well that last methisto bean poped in 24 hours like there supposed to, planted today, should be born wed, i never had a methisto bean not pop or sweet for that matter, fast buds yea only found 2 good strains by them stardog & grapefruit everthing else is fluff bud, well not much to see for awhile so ill be back once a week, c candy is ok a girl but only 21 days old this week she should hit her spurt hopefully. Over & out.
One last note about gelato, fairly easy for an auto, plants are smallish, running 3 plants i ended up with 32g of flower cured, smoke is very good, taste is complex, sweet with a taste i cant really describe but friends were impressed, a good plant for a stealth grow as they grow under 2 ft but again i only averaged 10g per plant, however plants were severely bound in 2gal pots so they may grow a bit bigger in a 3gal pot but plants are still smallish, smoke exellent, yield small, but worth the dirt, i would give 31/2 stars, and do it again.
Yea my famly lives in Maine and yea we all do allot of growing, allso hunting & fishing, i just got a Canadian lynx i got at the end of last winter from tanner, still has winter fur and is just starting to show his spots, remember when you tan a pelt it shrinks at least 20%, i know its not weed but it came out really nice. For those of you who dont like fur, what can i say? Sorry?
A better pic. There gray in winter and start to get spots in spring when it's illegal to hunt, it is against the law to trap bobcat & lynx you have to hunt them, there fur is gorgeous! Absolutely decadent, my bad.
I might finish this grow and stop for awhile, every since my landlord sealed me in with window walls i get all sorts of trouble, cant turn heat off, rh 16, sucks my winter grows used to be fine, last year bought humidifier and made shit worse, my candy is in flower and i have toof decay and star dog after that im done, not worth it, since its so humid ill find a nice plant that likes it hot and humid in summer and run that.