CSI Humboldt Big Bad Wolf. Gavita 1650e. GGT 4x4.

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Running RO
Canna COCO
Rare Dankness Nutrients
Technaflora Magical
CSI Humboldt Big Bad Wolf

I know I over watered for sure. Letting them dry out real good before feeding again. Rare Dankness site says you don't need to use calmag with their nutes. But I decided to add it on 3/16 when I fed. Hopefully the calmag and not overwatering will fix my issues. What do you guys think? Should I stick with the calmag through the rest of the grow or do what rare dankness site says and drop the calmag and upp the ppm's.

CalMag added to ro water to make 160ppm. 5.8PH.
Ran two solo cups worth of the 160ppm calmag water through each solo cup twice before planting seeds.
I'll admit i forgot to test the runoff ec/ppm after doing the above.

All seeds break coco.

fed at 250ppm rare dankness nutes
Run off: 440ppm. 5.9 PH

fed at 350ppm rare dankness nutes
Made sure to give a good amount of water to flush out the higher ppm from last feeding because seedlings looked very light/bright green.
Run off: 350 PH 5.9

fed at 450ppm rare dankness nutes.
Run off: 450 PH 6.0

Noticed the yellowing/browning crispy leaves. So I added Calmag. I realize that feeding a day after they just got fed prolly overwatered them but seeing the leaves look the way the did made me think i needed to add calmag.
260ppm calmag 7ml.
380ppm rare dankness nutes.
Run off: 640PPM 5.8PH


PH is 6.0. Just noticed the leaves getting these dark spots, anyone know what this is? Thanks!
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