Cubing - A myth by Chimera

Interesting read Chimera.
On a side note:
I was always a bigger fan of Apollo13 , Apollo 11 and Genius. I always thought it was really cool of Soul to share Genius with the community directly and indirectly. Don't know of any other breeders with such a wildly successful strain who is willing to share parental stock.
Adding my 2 cents. Me too. C99 was a flighty 2 hour, heart racing buzz. The Apollos I've had the pleasure working with have a superior buzz for me, yield, and scent. Plays well with others in crosses too, though so does Cindy.
I've been going around and around for about a year trying to decide on two or three sativas that I want to get. In the meantime I've been able to get green crack, sour chiesel at cetera from my partner at Harborside.
And I would probably go with the Apollo 13 before the Cindy simply because from what I've read the effect is a little mellower with the Apollo. I honestly haven't had a straight Cindy or or a straight Apollo 13 so I can't tell from experience. Which brings me to my point a buddy on the farm told me that Chineras would be a good starting point for my search for one of the other sativas I've been wanting to try the xj13 comma from every description that I've read and testimonials I've read I believe that this is probably more of what I'm looking for. Does anyone have any xj13 seeds? Or a referral to a Seedbank that I can order them?
Hey everybody,

I know this thread is actually talking about how bxing and cubing is a myth but i just wanted to know if any of you guys and gals have grown out Gooeybreeders 106% pure gooey from 09?

If you have, have you noticed any distinctions between that one and versions of it less cubed?

Also from a beginners point of view is there any reason to take a cubed line that far, or your just at that point trying to grow out plants that are 100 percent like the mom gooey with only a 6% variance from the skunk1 used to cube the line.

Thanks and sorry if thats a dumb question