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2x4 is almost there. Tops pretty much done, just want the lowers a bit further along. Probably chop later this week or next weekend.
IMG 3617
IMG 3618
IMG 3619
IMG 3620
IMG 3621
IMG 3622
IMG 3623
IMG 3624

4x4 seems to be about a week in front of the 5x5. Moving quickly with a month or so left.
IMG 3609
IMG 3610
IMG 3612
IMG 3613
IMG 3614
IMG 3615
IMG 3616

Above is the 4x4. Here is the 5x5
IMG 3605
IMG 3606
IMG 3607
IMG 3608


5x5 coming down in a couple days. Not my fav run, but decent enough.
IMG 3651
IMG 3644
IMG 3645
IMG 3646
IMG 3647
IMG 3648
IMG 3649
IMG 3650

5x5 seems around 3ish weeks out. Seems solid so far. Smaller plants catching up.
IMG 3633
IMG 3634
IMG 3636
IMG 3635

4x4 going well. All clones so I knew generally what to expect. Not happy with one, so this will prolly be it for her. Too small.
IMG 3637
IMG 3638
IMG 3640
IMG 3641
IMG 3639
IMG 3642
IMG 3643


2x4 chopped. Will trim in a couple weeks.

5x5 going well enough. All plants have decent nugs now. Prolly should have been feeding x3 a day. Couple weeks left and eating up lower fans. I think will be fine.
IMG 3657
IMG 3658
IMG 3659
IMG 3660
IMG 3661

4x4 going a little better. Slightly bigger pots that are fabric & is all clones.
IMG 3662
IMG 3663
IMG 3664
IMG 3665
IMG 3666
IMG 3667
IMG 3668

I can make strains if any curious. No biggie on my end.


Took some pics while trimming past few days. Didn’t take any of the 2x4 run. Will take some when start taking out of cure.

Goodie BAG
View attachment 2081311View attachment 2081313View attachment 2081312

Snow Candy
View attachment 2081314View attachment 2081315View attachment 2081316

Violet Punch
View attachment 2081317View attachment 2081318View attachment 2081319

10 diff strains curing atm, 1 drying, 2 about to chop. I’ll try get some pre chop pics of those last two.
Looks delicious


Alright. Took a couple months off. Cleaned some things, decided on what to keep, chilled and gamed, etc. But time to get stuff going. Starting off with a clone run. WC x BBC, Goodie BAG, Snow Candy, Violet Punch, Black Patronis, and Guava Cream Cake.

IMG 3902


One week since transplant. Took a few to settle in, but we going now. I’m guessing 2-3 weeks and will be time to flip.
IMG 3910

Gonna get another tent, probably 2x4, going soon. Gonna run something new. About time to start thinking of what. I have a lot of options.
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