Dbl Sour D, Blue Dream, & Lemon Skunk... Oh My!

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5 GSC, 3 Blue Dream, and 4 ECSD AJ cut cuttings.

3 GSC popped roots out the bottom after about 5 daze 🔥
Technically there’s a 4th cut that’s rooted, but I’ll let it wait another day or two should be enough to pop roots out the bottom.

I was hoping to run GSC in hydro, but they rooted before I could get some extra buckets setup 🙄

So basically I was caught unprepared 😂

Last three is one of the four ECSD that should be ready sometime next week


Another GSC popped roots today. I think there’s one left yet.


One of the Blue Dream popped roots above the cube.
I’m assuming there’s roots inside the cube as well.


Hopefully in a few daze they will show 🤷🏻‍♂️




Doing some rearranging in the veg room.

Most of the cuttings have rooted. Still waiting on two more. That were added later.

Put 3 Blue Dream & one ECSD cuttings in hydro.

Put two ECSD cuttings in soil.


Ice River Genetics DaBear finishing up.

Da Bear bud

GDP @ about two weeks.

GSC, same one as the last GSC I posted.

More work to be done on the flower side tomorrow after I feed my bees. The hives are a little lite for this time of year 🙁


I need to ask, what's your specific method for cuttings. Best I've ever managed is 8 days. Could I ask you to detail your method?

I apologise if you have already, 10 pages is too much to read while I'm waiting for the wife to finish work


I just posted this exact thing on another site two daze ago.
I’ll do a copy and paste for ya in a sec 😉


When you prep the cubes they should have enough moisture in the cube to get the cuttings through to rooting.

If necessary you can mist the inside of the dome. If you water them they won’t root. They’ll just rot in the cubes as the rock wool holds too much water.

What I do is pH some RO water to between 4.0 & 4.5. Then I drop the cubes in and let them soak for a few minutes “after” they sink.

Remove them from the water and give them 4-6 shakes expelling some water from the cubes. Like I said, they hold too much, so you need to remove some.

You want them to to weigh roughly half of what they did when freshly drenched.

Then make some cuttings. Scrape down the stem for about 1” so you see the white under the green.

I make my own rooting gel with Dip n Grow and a gel powder, something cellulose. It’s not expensive and is pretty much a lifetime supply.

Dip them, poke them into the cubes, mist the dome and wait.

Usually about the time you think they need to be watered they pop roots.

Then into pots they go 👍🏻

Also, leave the vents closed for the first two daze. Then open them both about a 1/4” .

Then two more days and open each one half way.

I don’t use a heat mat anymore, and that seems to have boosted my success ratio to the 90%+ area 👍🏻

And some GSC porn... she’s 16 today 🥳 😂



BTW, and not cannabis related.

If anyone out there is having issues with gallstones and contemplating surgery, message me.

I’ll tell ya how to get rid of them naturally, FOR FREE!

I’ve done it / am still doing it. I should be passing some more stones on Sunday. I have passed over a hundred stones so far.

I have pics to prove it too. But I opted not to get the T-shirt 😂

The best part is it’s under $20 for a treatment. For supplies, not paid to me.

It’s time people stop getting expensive, invasive surgeries for things that can be done naturally!

Did you know they do over a million gallbladder surgeries a year?

Even at a modest 10K per, that’s a lot of beer money.

You have nothing too lose and it will only take 7 days to literally see the results.

You WILL feel better after the first day too!

This is not bullshit, it really does work.
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Making a SCROG adjustment.

Since I was away for 3 weeks working on my cabin, the ECSD’s grew quite well. But they flopped all over each other costing me in the bud swell department 🙄

The four plants got me a not so grand total of three zips 🙀🤬🙀

I’m hoping by adding the second screen AND reducing my away time the harvest will increase.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but life gets in the way... quite frequently as you get older 🙃

Honestly, if I could make it work, I wouldn’t come back ever. Hopefully someday soon that will happen 👍🏻 It’s what I’m working toward.

Anyone know where I can get some 300W COB replacement lights? I have two of those somewhat shitty Morsen lights from Amazon.

Had both of them replaced after arguing with Morsen’s lousy customer service idiots. Had to get Amazon in the loop.

Morsen wanted to send me parts and I fix it myself. That’s not what the warranty stated so I refused 😉 Amazon refunded my money and I bought another 🙄

Now one of the five COBs is out and off warranty 🤬

They’re not hard to replace, it was the principle 😉 And I’d rather not deal with their lousy customer service department again.


You passed a CM+ stone? I feel like I'd rather get surgery than pass a huge marble out my weiner.
Those would be kidney stones.
These are gall stones. They come out your ass ;)

The reason they don't come out naturally is they are very hard and most of them won't fit through the ducts.
The remedy softens and lubricates the stones so they will pass COMPLETELY pain free.

I wonder if the dr could justify another ultrasound at this point for comparison purposes?

I know I feel much better than I did a few weeks ago. I think I had mild heartburn once in the last 3 weeks?
Normally, it was nearly daily and most of the time I thought my chest was gonna pop. Right there in the solar plexis area up under the ribs .

Much better now :D


Pics are from last night.

First two are Girl Scout Cookies.
Third one is everyone.
Fourth is just before the excavation began 👍🏻
Fifth is75% of the yard expansion project 😎
Sixth is my very first Stihl saw, MS211, purchased brand spankin’ after lots of cursing at my old Craftsman saw.

Nothin’ like a good running saw with a sharp chain to make cutting firewood a pleasure!

For reference, that’s an 18” blade 😉

And the last pic is self explanatory.
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