Did I defol too late into bloom?

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They were getting just over 700 lux during veg (Spider Farmer SF-1000, 19" high @ 60% intensity) right at the canopy, been cranking up the intensity a few notches every day during bloom. It's somewhere just above 1000 lux now at 100% intensity, still 19" up.

I read somewhere that 700 lux was the most the plants can absorb during veg. When I first put these in the tent I had the light too close and cranked it way too high, made some of the leaves extra crispy. Hence the cautious distance since.

Never heard the 4 colas/sqft rule, I'll try that next time. These were also grown from clones, I hear that impacts bud size.

Would you recommend lowering the lights a little each day to continue ramping up the light? Anything else I can do to plump up these buds before harvest?
I am running sf2000 and had it at 7 inch from the top colas , 100% intensity too . Stupid me started crisping up the top leaves. moved it now but hopefully they be ok still. got it at around 12 inch now at 100% so you will be fine


Hi all, wanted to circle back on this now that harvest has come and gone. After posting, I cranked up the lights to 100% and dropped to 12", and the ladies loved it. No stress or damage to speak of. Flushed early in week 8, ready for harvest end of week 9, right on schedule. Chopped them down when around 15% of the trichomes were amber.

Pics from time of harvest:


The buds look tighter and have a deeper color towards the tips compared to just 1-2" lower, which seems like a clear indicator of inadequate light penetration. Lesson for next time: lower the lights and increase intensity much earlier in bloom. Likely adding another SF1000 for better coverage.

Couldn't do anything about the temperature swings, and they still got too hot at times, but the stretch and node spacing were pretty well managed. Happy with the compactness, the indica genetics likely helped. Growing sativa next round, so I'm insulating the window next to the tent and likely flipping my light schedule (on at night, off during the day) to even out the temps.

Following that I wet trimmed, promptly overdried the harvest and lost the chance to cure (45% humidity after moving to mason jars, dried 8 days), so now I'm content trying to slowly rehydrate and age a bit to break down the chlorophyll and improve flavor. They're super sticky and still smell great (no hay, lots of fruit), so I didn't bake ALL the terpenes off during those 85°+ moments... but the smoke is a little harsh, guessing it's chlorophyll.

I rehydrated by leaving the buds out in a big bowl when the ambient humidity is high (65-70%), in the jars they're now hovering around 57%. I have the Bodeva 62% packs in there, but they don't seem to do much.

Lesson: Dry trim next time, and buds are ready when the little BOTTOM buds easily snap off, not when the big TOP buds snap off. It's too late at that point.

Effects are delightful. Solid indica body relaxation with an uplifting euphoria throughout. The strain is high THC, feels like it lands in the 18-22% range based on the Totally Arbitrary and Subjective™ method of measuring such things. Very happy with the results, should just get better over time.

Yield was 10.2oz wet with stems, 2.25oz dried. Still aiming for 4oz from 2 plants in the same tiny space, we'll see how next time goes!


100w sf in how big of closet? Next time blast them with more light. Try making fewer but larger colas.
Yep, more light and fewer colas is the idea. Space is tiny, 18" x 32" with plenty of height.

Would love a dedicated room with a 4x4 tent, but hey, that's San Francisco for you.


Yep, more light and fewer colas is the idea. Space is tiny, 18" x 32" with plenty of height.

Would love a dedicated room with a 4x4 tent, but hey, that's San Francisco for you.
I'd put another light in, or a longer one. That space can produce 1/2lb crop - with the right strain and no problems. Gl man
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