Did I do a boo boo?

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Are you a rude dude?
You may have missed that he already owns the LED lamps.
Are you suggesting he not even bother plugging them in?


ok its my turn to chime in! Im gonna keep it short and simple, I just pulled 9 plus zips ooff of 1 girl, under one led unit. the buds were as frosty as anything Ive seen hps or mh included. Everytime I harvest I get better results. My point being if your not happy with a half pound plant under 327 actual pull led watts then show me the downfall of led grows.

oh and i willl be posting results of a 3x4 scrog under a blackstar 900 when harvest comes, cant wait for those numbers.

dont feel bad about your purchase, alot of it also has to do with the quality of your entire garden as a working unit,
"your garden is only as good as its grower"
Ever after

Ever after

I would return both!

I would return both and buy some advanced led lights
the diamond series is way better than what you got and they have 11 colors not like the crappy black stars


good luck those are the best leds on the market and best customer service with the biggest hearts of all and a very compassionate company . with a 90 day return you cant go wrong so yeah if you get a shit yield return the damn things!

they are the #1 led company in the world. I wish I worked for them

the diamond series led's actually have reflectors so you will most likely get the same yield from an 85w draw DiamondSeries vs a 240w BlackStar.
i mean DUH a reflector is way better than no reflector we are talking the best led on the market and they are US made led's sucks not CHINA....

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