I just finished up another harvest and have all my flowers hang drying. I never have a problem drying and can usually extend my drying time to 14 days before I put them in jars. I live in the desert and average humidity is about 30%. I have to run humidifiers in my drying room to keep the humidity at 60%. If I didnt use them my buds would dry out in 2 or 3 days.

I try to automate everything, veg room, flower room and drying room are all set up with enviromental controllers to keep temps and humidity perfect. However, I always seem to fuck up the curing. I have way too may jars to open and close to stay on top of. I'll forget I opened the jars to burp them and when I realize I come back and my buds are way too over dried (dry desert air will dry buds out fast). So I've looked around online and didnt really find any automatic curing systems.

So instead I'm going to try to build my own automatic curing system. I want to see if anyone on here has tried something similar or if you know of a product that already does this.

I'm planning on using a food grade 5 gallon bucket with a gamma lid to seal the buds airtight, https://www.amazon.com/Gallon-White-Bucket-Gamma-Seal/dp/B07BL3T6VY.
I'll then install some 1 way air valves at the top of the bucket that will let humid air out but not allow dry air to reenter https://www.amazon.com/Pawfly-Aquar...ocphy=9030750&hvtargid=pla-589896776041&psc=1.
I'll then use a humidity controller that will measure the humidity level inside the bucket https://www.amazon.com/Inkbird-Digi...ocphy=9030750&hvtargid=pla-615357952492&psc=1. I'll have a small air pump connected to the humidity controller that will pump dry air into the bottom of the bucket when the humidity level raises above 62% humidity.

In theory, this autocuring bucket should burp itself without me have to check on it. I want to cure my buds for 4 weeks without having to constantly be checking on them.
Do you think this will work for curing?
It could work,pending that RH increases at an acceptable rate. The airspace volume is the main variable outside of how waxy your bud is. In other words, the only thing that decides how often the air exchanges is how quickly moisture leaves the bud and enters the air, which will never be identical grow to grow, strain to strain.

If you burp more than a few seconds in jars, they might as well be in 10lb bags still. Mold and moisture shouldn't be on your radar by the time they are jarred. I dont know what happened that made bags fall out of fashion as an intermediate step, but Im blaming hydro,since you really can't cure chemmy like you can real bud.
There are auto- cure products out there but they’re kind of pricey. Even the “digital cure cork” for an individual jar runs upward of 200 bones. Google auto cure, you’ll get a few to come up.
I live in the same type atmosphere as you and i need a dehuey in my room when its full of drying plants,your dry room either leaks like a sieve or you dont have enough plants hanging.