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Hello all,

Not sure how updated Ill be able to keep this thread, but I shall do my best to.

Just wanted to have a place to kinda show what we got going, some ongoing projects, and in general, a thread to share and learn.


Been thru a lot of changes and moves lately, finally at a place where things are running in a way I can put some time online.
Room 1 12x12- 6k watts mixed spectrum. 4 hps and 2 mh. The ceiling in this room slopes from 11' down to 8'. This room is one of the sensimellia flower production / testing rooms. This cycle in the picture is in coco / 7 gallon pots. On the house and garden bottle line, with recharge and urb as well.

Half Gelato #33 and the other half is my breeding, Dubbed "3 times og" (serious og x orange og sr71)

Currently vegging.

Room 2 - Gas house room. 12x12. 4k hps. sentinel co2 burner, set to 1k ppm.

Due to market needs, I am constantly working on the "perfect" og. And this room is where I am working it. Half this room is my "orange dreams" which is a gassey / citrus kush. (wet dreams x Orange og sr71 purple kush)
Have 4 different phenos in here, which are all "keeper" / "breeder" cuts.
We also have 2 TK, 2 1992 OG, 2 Gorilla Glue 4, and 2 of my 3 times og (serious og x orange og sr71 purple kush) in this room.'

Running a hodge podge of pot sizes from 15s to 25s. In soil on the Korean natural farming ferments, as well as the Nectar of the gods "sample" nute line.
Room 3 - "pheno hunting room"

This room is also 4k of hps. This room is no co2, an hoods are air cooled. It tends to run the closest to VPD due to its location within the facility. This current cycle is a rerun of all the garlic breath I enjoyed from seed last round, to help narrow down which cut (s) to keep to use in a DFG / Thug Pug collaboration project we have going on.

This room is currently week 1 since flip, 10 gallons, soil, on Korean natural farming ferments and the nectar of the gods sample regiment.
Pollination chamber - 8x8 tent using 4 1k air cooled HPS. Have hepa filters on the exhaust to catch the pollen, and practice very vigilant controls to not bring pollen from the tent into other rooms. So far its been pretty effective.

Last round just came out 2 weeks ago and is drying. After a deep scrubbing and cleaning off all hoods and surfaces and new filters, the next round was moved in. This cycle will be a reversal / feminized seed creation cycle.

I am using matt riots reversal spray on the dfg Orange dreams keeper 2 (wet dreams x orange og sr71 pk) which is a dank sour og, hits 7# in Oregon outdoor full term, 10+ in Mendocino / Covelo area outdoor. vigorous, easy grower, stacks hard, no pm or mold issues, and all around a great line.

Here she is mid week 1 of spraying.

I will be using her pollen on:

dfg Orange dreams "lisa cut" - which is the most colorful of the group, dank citrus kush nose, with a sour citrus kush taste
dfg Orange Dreams #1 - which is a ringer for the old sr71 purple kush blue sky cut. Purple kush, and dank af. 10+ # outdoor in Oregon. really heavy feeder
dfg Orange dreams #2 - "s1s"
dfg Orange dreams #3 - which is the short stocky afghani kushy nose. 5# outdoor in Oregon.

Gelato #33
Blackberry moonshine #12 - My sour citrus terpy cut
dfg Bangin blues #2 - Blueberry terp. Oregon outdoor champ strain
Dfg bangin blues #3 - Lemon hazey terp - great Oregon outdoor strain
DFG Congolese kush - Green incense kush Oregon outdoor strain
Bodhi stock - Acapulco Gold (antigars cut)
West African Ghanna #2 heirloom - crazy spiritual effect, very beautiful vibes
"a" stardawg or its i95 tag mixup
"b" stardawg or its i95 tag mixup
White Tahoe Cookies - Archives cut
Rude Boi OG #7 - archives cut
Bodhi Black triangle - ohriginaldanksters cut
Love Triangle - ohriginaldanksters cut
Chemd X snowlotus - ohriginaldanksters cut
Nicole Kush - Cloudyfarms cut
From room 1 of the garlic breath, this here is my fav pheno when freshly cured. This was a rough cycle so only took to week 7.5. needed till 11 weeks to be done but anywho, still very potent, loud terpy bud. This is the pheno 13, and is straight garlic n gas. Offensive as hell, and not at all subtle. You have a nug of this on ya, everyone knows it.

Very nice..In fact so nice that I am gonna move my DF seeds I got on Black Friday up an bit and drop some next month. (Dragon's Brew V2 F1..+ Red Bulgarian Dragon f1 )..

BTW: great artwork and incredible strain names!!
Very nice..In fact so nice that I am gonna move my DF seeds I got on Black Friday up an bit and drop some next month. (Dragon's Brew V2 F1..+ Red Bulgarian Dragon f1 )..

BTW: great artwork and incredible strain names!!
Those are both very excellent strains. I will pull up some pics for your enjoyment. The brew v2 expect stretch indica types, with sweet fruit notes, there are excellent green citrus phenos, and beautiful colorful red wine phenos.

The red bulg is very indica heavy, with awesome sour, fuel, incense notes. Very dense hard nugs.
heres some shots of my dragons stash f2. Which is one of my favorite headstash lines, and represents one of my longest runnin projects. Super blueberry terps on the purple / Jurassic looking phenos (double n triple leaf serrations) sour citrus kush terps on green phenos. some go a strawberry jam terp. medium yield indoor, Outdoors she gets massive and will preform in cold, rain, humidity, excessive heat, drought, and all around, a very solid bullet proof line.

ds beast 006.jpg
Red bulg - View attachment 846053

Brew green pheno - breeder cut
View attachment 846054 View attachment 846055 View attachment 846056

And heres the dragons brew Red breeder cut outdoor and indoor. It takes the sun to get the pink pistils.
View attachment 846057 View attachment 846058 View attachment 846059
OMG..I definitely will drop both of them in January-March(I will grow them outdoors too (legally in Nevada!))

They are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I grew three last year and the climate here (Reno) is perfect. Flowering began about July 31st and I was very pleased with the results. I used tiny 3 gallon pots (and 1x 5 gallon) as an experiment. Had to drop them into larger pots later in the grow. I will be pressing most of it during the winter. (love that fresh frozen).
I already have the 15 gallon fabric pots for this years outdoor grow

I also grew the exact strains (and clones) indoors for comparison. The flavors and potency were far better on the outdoor grow.

10-1-18 1.JPG
Fresh Frozen 12-6-18).JPG
11-12-18 WW x Cackleberry.JPG
12-5-18 Critical Rosin.JPG
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