Dried Untrimmed beautiful array of NUGGETS (Many strains)

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I figured they were effect...against that room of dank.

Daahaaam...you got the blues covered. Blue Mekong sound like all the blue I would need...

Take Care Lao.... I'll see ya round the forums.....

lol but i fuggin love blues so I want to keep making blue/ southeast asian landrace crosses. Im figuring itll be the next big thing once i get it stablized and hit that shit with some stooopid strong sfv pollen.


damn never heard of that blue mekong....sounds nice.....

def, it was my father that had the idea for the cross. Now its our family strain, def gonna keep her mothered out and def gonna keep running new generations of her. Thats why i wanted to try growing so many blue strains, I want to see if there are any that are stronger. Cuz to date, the flowers of that strain is probably the strongest ive ever smoked, and ive def been in the deep circles for awhile.

Blue Mekong aka the OG Killer


I had a feeling it was stankalicious in there.
Hope ya dont wipe yer eyes during trim sessions bro!
That Blue Mekong sounds killer, keep on doing your thang and thanks for the looksee.

I didn't even see that before, it's funny that you mentioned it though because I wiped my eyes several times and regretted it every time.

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