Wanted Drying room advice needed

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Hey guys. Looking for some advice on my dry room situation. You can thank my wife for not letting me stink up the whole house and dry in a controlled environment lol. I am left with no choice but to dry I’m a tent in the backyard. The tent will be under and shaded tree and a tarp. There will be a dehumidifier in it (not sure how much it’ll do with it being outside) and a fan (circulating air only, not pointing at buds). My autos will be done in the next couple days and ready for dry. I always wet trim and hang upside down. Here’s the bigger kicker, I’m in MA and we just entered into a massive heat wave. 90 plus everyday for at least a week. It is what it is since I have no other options, but does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve had to dry in heat before and it was fine, just a tiny bit harsh, but it wasn’t in the 90s. Thanks!
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