Economic Nutrient Combo

I waste money on nutrients frequently because I can't afford large quantities, I have no loyalty to any brands however in curious about Mega Crop, enzymes, microbes, humid acid and ultimately using the least about of nutrients possible.

For a coco grower or cheap ass in general that strives for quality, quantity, and economy with nutrients what would you suggest?
General Hydroponics Trio or similar is all you need. Microbes aren't useful in coco. Enzymes aren't useful. Humic acid is a buffer that should already be a part of your mix from the manufacturer if it's needed. Everything else is really about separating you from your hard earned cash. Coco is inherently wasteful; I use an RDWC setup. I don't use 30 bucks worth of nutes a crop. (small setup, 3x3). You can set up a similar barebones system for about $200 total. See the one at if interested.
Well if you want to use mega crop it has all of that and is pretty cheap. I asked in another thread, since, i haven used it, how ph stable it stays so no sure (pretty doubtful it does). I am about to get 20 or so lbs for my garden out back this year just to give it a whirl.
I have been using the Jacks two part. Part A is the 5-12-26 and Part B is simply calcium nitrate available almost anywhere cheap. So far so good and about as cheap as it gets.
Scroll down and click on FeED link.