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Hi Farmers - I've been a long time inactive member on these boards - I used to be more active as a youth during the OG days but only messed around with growing indoors a few times and failed miserably. Since then I've had a couple outdoor grows which yielded well but the quality wasn't great... I found myself with a lot of time on my hands due to flu and simply can't afford to smoke the amount of grass I'd like. So here we go...

90cm x 150cm x 200cm flower tent @ Day 17- 2 x 200w LED (Crecer) - currently flowering from seed BOG Bubble, Dos-Si-Dos Cake (feminized) - and from clones: gelato33 x birthday cake (T.H. Seeds), Skywalker OG (exact strain and seedbank remains unknown)

60cm x 120cm x 180cm veg tent @ Day 20 split on two levels - 1 x 100w LED veg specs, 2 x 55w t-neon light -- currently contains clones of BOGBubble, skywalker and Dos-si-dos. As well as next generation of seedlings: Karma Haze (Nl5xHaze (dutch cut) x A5 bx). I probably could have vegged another few weeks but I couldn't wait the extra weeks down the line for the harvest... So I just waited long enough to be able to take clones and sent them on their way...

Organic soil: local shops have not had consistent inventory but mainly they're in a mix of Plagron Allmix / Batmix - being fed the full line of BioBizz (fish/grow, bloom, topmax, heaven, algamic) and regular feedings CaMg. I'm doing research to source various organic amendments and dry fertilizers to make my own soil in the long run an brew compost tea.. the goal is to recycle and re-amend soil... some of it will go into pots outside for chili plants - but most of it will stay in these tents.... Tapwater comes out 8.0 - 8.5 - I've been using a home made citric acid solution to bring nutrient solution PH between 6.2 - 6.8

I fried the BOG seedlings earlier with too much light and perhaps too hot of a soil mixture - some of them never recovered and the strongest/bushiest plants turned out to be male.... With the news of BOG's passing I felt obligated to hold onto the male cuttings I took before switching to flower ... the Karma Haze in comparison have been extremely vigorous and the structure is so different - I probably started them a few weeks too early, so I'm doing some significant LST and pruning to make sure they aren't too tall by the time they're ready for flower (hopefully March 1st)

I'm looking into getting a small tent for the drying process - the goal is to set it up next to the flower tent and have a small extractor pulling the air from the dry tent into the flower tent... any thoughts on this? The BOGBubble should finish earlier and I'm afraid exhausting the dry tent into the flower tent might spike the humidity during final weeks of the rest of the ladies.... I may need to install a carbon filter in the veg tent so maybe it makes more sense to set-up the dry tent exhausting into the veg tent where humidity is less of an issue... Im thining either 60cm x 60cm x 160cm or 90 x 60 x 98cm ---Eventually once mothers are established the goal will be to harvest the whole tent at the same time - so im not sure how big I need.... thoughts?

I've read a lot and have seen through 2 outdoor seasons but I'm still a noob when it comes to indoors so happy to have all the help and criticism that you guys are willing to provide!

Early BOG Bubble, Dos-si-dos, Mystery Skywaler and G33 x Birthday Cake
20201203_220809 - Copy.jpg
20201221_230450 - Copy.jpg
20201223_212346 - Copy.jpg

and before removing males

20210109_170606 - Copy.jpg

Bog Bubble @ 16 days
20210117_005411 - Copy.jpg

Veg Tent

Generation 2: Karma Haze

Karma Haze @ day 19 from germination - freshly tied down
20210116_195925 - Copy.jpg

Take care
the dude


We still here @ 20 days flowering - first signs of trichomes showing up on the BOG Bubble (below) and a bit less on some of the others... Adding a light dose of high P guano (Plagron) as a top dressing this week and will be lowering my dosage of Bio Bloom to account for the new input ...

The Karma Haze (Top dawg seeds) in my veg tent took very well to the LST but i'm still gonna do at least 2 rounds of topping to really branch her out early on - I'm hoping this will help me manage the stretch and big node spacing.... It looks like some of them are showing new 9 pointed leaves at only the 5th node.... I've heard of techniques of limiting the pot size to reduce the stretch for sat-dom strains but I don't want to risk having them root bound and hope that if I spread each plant to minimum 12 tops each I should be able to keep them under control


First rookie mistake: was noticing some very whispey looking bud growth on a lower branch of one of my BOG Bubble plants, when i looked closer I could see a few pollen sacks that were only visible when looking up from below... at least one of them had already dropped what appeared to be a very small amount of pollen... I noticed one or two un-opened pollen sacks developing low on the main branch so decided to remove the whole plant... I was very bummed out and mad at myself for not paying closer attention -- but hopefully I caught it early enough that there won't be TOO many seeds.. time will tell... and in the end of the day I'm still hopeful that the final product will be better than the local herb...

As someone who had only grown out clones outdoors I was mainly worried about identifying males when sending to flower - I should have realized that inspecting for and identifying hermies has to be done regularly... I'm a bit bummed as this leaves me with only 3 BOG Bubble females out of 12 beans - of which only 2 are potential keepers... I am happy that I have cuttings of 2 of the strongest males but I don't think I'll be attempting to breed them for at least 6 months...

In the veg tent the Karma Haze have almost all been topped a second time... there are at least 3 phenos that I have identified by leaf structure: wrinkly/cabbage leaf, fat/indica leaf (NL influence), thin/sativa leaves (Haze influence) - the


Stretch is over in the flower room... all the buds are starting to get frosty... I picked off a few bracts that looked swollen to see if I could see if they were starting to produce seed but I didn't find anything inside... hopefully the hermie I removed hasn't completely ruined my first crop...
Gelato33 x Birthday Cake

In the veg tent I'm regularly super-cropping any branches that are shooting up above the rest of the canopy... I've got another LED coming in soon to put half of these guys up on the upper shelf... Some of these leaves are bigger than any of the leaves in the flower tent.... I'm also using the 3 male cuttings of BOG Bubble that I have to practice creating bonzai-mother plants - I even did some root pruning when re-potting which felt weird but was super easy and seems to have worked well - the plant showed no signs of stress...

I also mixed up some organic soil - I'm re-using the soil from the BOG Bubble males - I've added: horn meal, sea bird guano, plagron bat guano (contains seabird, bat and vinasse), organic composted manure / kelp meal mix (contains horse, chicken and bovine dook - apparently it's been composted for over 12 months), EWC, perlite and some more BioBizz Light mix.... from what I've read this mix shouldn't be too hot - but I will test it with some chili plants before putting any of my babies in it...

Veg tent canopy - keeping everything as short and flat as possible.


Day 33 of flower
Starting to get some great smells all around... The BOG Bubble has this sweet caramelized/toasted hazlenutty smell that I really wasn't expecting .. I haven't smoked any bubblegum since they used to stock it regularly in Grey Area back in the early 00's and it always had a more fruity/floral sent to it if I recall... The dos-si-dos has the strongest smell so far which is crisp lemon/lime skittles/sour candy.... Gelato 33 x Bday Cake is similar but more fruity then citrus and the Mystery kush smells like grassy kush (my friend doesn't remember the exact name but he said it was skywalker OG/or 501st cross so I'm thinking it might be Rare Dankness - they were definitely cuts from regular seeds and I can't find any other skywalker that it could be...)

This week we start upping the feed - up to 3-4ml/l biobloom and 4ml/l TopMax ... everything still looking lush and green, only one plant has one two yellowing leaves underskirt and one or two plants have the slightest of burnt leaf tips but nothing to worry about imo.

My two keeper BOG Bubbles have a very similar bud structure and smell so far - even tho the leaves are slightly fatter one one of them.... One of the cuttings I have in veg has significantly more vigorous growth (tons of roots poking out the bottom of her 1gallon pot) so she will probably be the keeper mom-- but ill run them both again to be sure!

I'm not sure if I overdid the LST on the plants on the right ( the kush and gelatos ) or maybe I should've removed all but the top growth tips before flower - I was told they would stretch so i really wanted to make as many tops as possible so there wasn't too big of a difference in height with the BOGs that barely stretched at all)... the buds are pretty small on that side but they have an extra week to fatten up compared to the BOG Bubbles....

I've let myself run dry of weed and will be doing a little tolerance break until the harvest -- Hopefully this will prevent me from smoking everything before it's dried and cured properly... the next batch will be a 70-85 day flower so I gotta make this batch last!


BOG Bubble

Mystery kush (Skywalker OG or 501st?)

Gelato x BdayCake


Veg Tent Update - Day 42 (Karma Haze - Top Dawg Seeds)

Howdy peoples! Been having some struggles in the veg tent with fading lower leaves and some overall droopiness with the Karma Haze - some worse than others. I believe they had been suffering from overwatering and were in need of a transplant - I had been peaking the underside of the pots/drainage holes and didn't see any signs of roots poking out - but when I pulled one of it's pot it was pretty clear they were starting to get root bound...

I had been planning to repot into 3 gallon fabric pots in about 1 or 2 weeks but had to call an audible - I wanted to wait until they were in need of a watering to repot - so 5 were repotted yesterday - and 5 today... In between these 2 operations I was advised to prune the roots in order to stall them and ensure that their final 3gallon pots will be sufficient for them to flower in without getting cramped - So 5 have been root-pruned and the other 5 were not .. I will send the 5 that are not root pruned into flower early - in about 2 weeks when the BOG Bubbles get chopped. The other 5 will need to veg another 3 weeks - so the pruning should ensure that they don't outgrow their final pots... I also gave them all a pretty aggressive hair-cut and dimmed the LED to help them adjust and recover.. Fingers crossed that this will solve my issues!

My 2 BOG Bubble mother plants were also in need of a transplant but I simply don't have the space for bigger pots so I gave them a heavy root prune, haircut and repotted in the same pots with fresh soil... I will probably send them both into flower when the KarmaHaze shows sex and I clear out the males from the flower tent - this should work pretty well with timing as BOG Bubble flowers 3 weeks faster...

I'm really looking forward to being able to use clones from my selected mothers - doing 2 rounds in a row from seed and holding on to two different sets of clones to make pheno selections takes up way too much space.... I should have just gotten clones from a friend for this round and waited until summer to pop the Karma Haze... oh well....

Sad Karma Haze:

In need of transplant:

Root-pruning Karma Haze:

Another round of topping -

After transplant - and hair cut:

BOG Bubble mothers - after root pruning and topping:


Flower Tent - Day 43

Giving my last feedings to the BOG Bubble plants this day then plain water for the lasts week or so.... I read BOG post that the recent batches don't finish as quickly as they used to (45-49 days) -- plus I remember reading him post that letting them go to 54 - 57 days results in a more stony / couchlock effect... I'll keep an eye on the trichs and pistils too and hope to get some input from people on the boards...

I'll post pics of the veg tent soon - the karma haze repotting / pruning operation seemed to have taken care of any issues...

BOG Bubble


BOGs with 2 Dos-Si-Dos Cake in the back left:



Day 55 Update:
Took down all 4 BOG Bubble plants on Sunday at 52 days - at about 30% amber - maybe even less... Set up a 60cmx60cm tent with a small extractor and filter - temperatures are ranging between 12c and 20c with humidity between 40 - 55% (now closer to 40 - first few days was around 50-55) ... I don't have any good pics of them when they came down - but the buds were very dense and quite fat... The two 'keepers' that I have mothers of seemed to be very similar in bud structure and odor despite the fact that one had fatter more indica looking leaves...

Gelato33 x B-day Cake

Skywalker Mystery Kush:



Thanks for stopping by!

The bushier karma haze is looking to be a definite keeper - some fluorescent orange pistil starting to show a bit and she's giving off that classic nl5 x haze smell that i can remember smoking back in the day in Amsterdam... The stretchy one is gonna be slower to flower... Then I've got 3 other karma haze that were put into flower about 2-3 weeks later which are just starting to flower (one seems to be unhappy and will probably be pulled and replaced) ... I realized the soil I recycled and amended is lacking drainage - I forgot to add more perlite... Some of the plants seem to be handling it better than others... I may have to run most of them again anyway...

I've also thrown in my two potential BOG bubble keepers - one is looking particularly lush and growing vigorously... I will throw in the another kush in a few days and the flower tent should be full again...

I've popped 6 LD-95 seeds from Top Dawg Seeds - looks like I've got at least one runt but 4 are looking good with 2nd set of true leaves showing...

Keeper bushy Karma Haze:


Group shot (Bog Bubble front left and back right) - the rest is karma haze


Haze leaning Karma Haze (showing clawing - probably nitrogen sensitive...) - had to add stakes to support her already as she was leaning all over the place already....


fan leaf is flowering on the bushy Karma haze #10

Karma Haze #10 @ day 40

Stretchy Karma Haze #1 budshot - Day 40 - this is gonna need a lot longer (pack says 70 - 85 days)

Full flower tent - added a kush in the front center... should pack out quite nicely!

For the next round: my 6 LD95 - one runt not wanting to show true leaves - and another that popped late and didn't have much of a tap root --- the other 4 look strong


Peace out!


Looking good! Gotta love checking in on the garden and seeing the progress. You’ve got a good selection in the lineup I’m sure the variety is nice. I hope to have a perpetual setup like that eventually. How do you like the 200w cree lights for flowering? Were those nugs from those lights? I’m looking to run some kind of led in place of my 400w hps.


the lights are equivalent of the crecer panthrx mini I believe - 200w actual draw... I have nothing to compare them with ... and ya - thats where those nugs came from... they seem to run a bit warm - I may upgrade one at a time to lumatek attis 300w ... It would improve my coverage and I believe would run cooler... It's starting to get warmer witih spring coming and I'm running up to 27c already...


Awesome it certainly looks like you got some good smoke from those lights that’s for sure. There’s just so many leds available it’s difficult to figure out what I want even reading the threads, it’s nice to see the results from said light that’s what the main main goal is. Yeah spring is here and summer coming quickly temps are heating up for me as well that’s a big reason I’d like to bring some leds instead. But I won’t ramble too much thanks for the feedback and looking forward to watching your grow.


Flower updates:
some bud shots at about 50 days of the two Karma Haze that are furthest along. the #10 is starting to thicken up a bit and get frosty - her smell is difficult to describe but oh-so spot-on familiar from my memories. I had another Karma Haze (#4) which was showing lots of stress and nutrient abuse (dropping lots of leaves and burnt crispy leaves) which seems to be a very similar pheno... I decided to cull her and replace her with an 8-top main-lined #10 which is in a 20litre pot since about 2 weeks... I will likely be running most of these Karma Haze again to have a more healthy run to fairly assess which cuts to keep.. It look like 4 of 5 of the females are showing mom/keeper potential...


Veg updates:
LD-95: of the 6 germinated I have 4 healthy seedlings forming their 6th set of leaves - the 2 runts are a few nodes behind and will most likely be culled --- I'm realizing I have plenty of healthy material and there's no point wasting time/energy/nutes on plants that won't produce well... Somehow I let the LD95 start showing signs of being rootbound in their 1litre pots - I transplanted to 4litre pots using Mycos yesterday and they have perked up within 12 hours... Depending how fast they fill in I will do one final transplant and hopefully space will free up in just over 1 month in the flower tent...


I got some more cuttings from a friend - the same Skywalker / 501st and GelatoxBirthday Cake - and also a Garlic Haze from Earth Witch Seeds ...

Don't mind all my chili plants taking up space - they're waiting for warmer weather and new homes with friends...


Day 60 on the Karma Haze - some amber trichs showing already but looks to me like at least another 2 weeks...
20210418_204054 (2).jpg

They are showing some significant stress - some burnt tips... yellowing and losing a lot of the lower leaves... I'm not too sure the exact causes but I know that my soil was not optimal - poor drainage and may have been too hot to start.... maybe they needed larger pots too.....
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