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Veg tent --

Really excited about the 4 LD95 I've got - they've been repotted into 1gallon square containers about 10 days ago and topped - one of them has a weird leaf

Here's a group shot with my karma haze mothers to the right - I think I've narrowed it down to 3 keepers for now but I'm still holding on to 5 while i have the space...

Started LST on the kush clones I've got - I'll probably get 4 into flower in the next few weeks


Karma haze #10 at day 65 --- she's barely hanging on ... burnt all over and dropping leaves from the bottom up
but still looks and smells nice up top - how much longer you guys think I got? (should be 70-85 days but they've gone from 12/12 to 11.5/12.5 to 11/13... I think shes gona get water only until the end...


This is the same cut of Karma Haze #10 that went in flower about 2 weeks ago... I'm pretty sure she'll do better than the one above


My mystery kush that was my favorite from the last run... whatever was wrong with the soil mix before seems to be sorted or not bothering this girl... she's around day 25


Hi Farmers - I've been a long time inactive member on these boards - I used to be more active as a youth during the OG days but only messed around with growing indoors a few times and failed miserably. Since then I've had a couple outdoor grows which yielded well but the quality wasn't great... I found myself with a lot of time on my hands due to flu and simply can't afford to smoke the amount of grass I'd like. So here we go...

90cm x 150cm x 200cm flower tent @ Day 17- 2 x 200w LED (Crecer) - currently flowering from seed BOG Bubble, Dos-Si-Dos Cake (feminized) - and from clones: gelato33 x birthday cake (T.H. Seeds), Skywalker OG (exact strain and seedbank remains unknown)

60cm x 120cm x 180cm veg tent @ Day 20 split on two levels - 1 x 100w LED veg specs, 2 x 55w t-neon light -- currently contains clones of BOGBubble, skywalker and Dos-si-dos. As well as next generation of seedlings: Karma Haze (Nl5xHaze (dutch cut) x A5 bx). I probably could have vegged another few weeks but I couldn't wait the extra weeks down the line for the harvest... So I just waited long enough to be able to take clones and sent them on their way...

Organic soil: local shops have not had consistent inventory but mainly they're in a mix of Plagron Allmix / Batmix - being fed the full line of BioBizz (fish/grow, bloom, topmax, heaven, algamic) and regular feedings CaMg. I'm doing research to source various organic amendments and dry fertilizers to make my own soil in the long run an brew compost tea.. the goal is to recycle and re-amend soil... some of it will go into pots outside for chili plants - but most of it will stay in these tents.... Tapwater comes out 8.0 - 8.5 - I've been using a home made citric acid solution to bring nutrient solution PH between 6.2 - 6.8

I fried the BOG seedlings earlier with too much light and perhaps too hot of a soil mixture - some of them never recovered and the strongest/bushiest plants turned out to be male.... With the news of BOG's passing I felt obligated to hold onto the male cuttings I took before switching to flower ... the Karma Haze in comparison have been extremely vigorous and the structure is so different - I probably started them a few weeks too early, so I'm doing some significant LST and pruning to make sure they aren't too tall by the time they're ready for flower (hopefully March 1st)

I'm looking into getting a small tent for the drying process - the goal is to set it up next to the flower tent and have a small extractor pulling the air from the dry tent into the flower tent... any thoughts on this? The BOGBubble should finish earlier and I'm afraid exhausting the dry tent into the flower tent might spike the humidity during final weeks of the rest of the ladies.... I may need to install a carbon filter in the veg tent so maybe it makes more sense to set-up the dry tent exhausting into the veg tent where humidity is less of an issue... Im thining either 60cm x 60cm x 160cm or 90 x 60 x 98cm ---Eventually once mothers are established the goal will be to harvest the whole tent at the same time - so im not sure how big I need.... thoughts?

I've read a lot and have seen through 2 outdoor seasons but I'm still a noob when it comes to indoors so happy to have all the help and criticism that you guys are willing to provide!

Early BOG Bubble, Dos-si-dos, Mystery Skywaler and G33 x Birthday Cake View attachment 1080160 View attachment 1080161 View attachment 1080162

and before removing males

View attachment 1080163

Bog Bubble @ 16 days View attachment 1080164

Veg Tent
View attachment 1080167
Generation 2: Karma Haze
View attachment 1080165 View attachment 1080166

Karma Haze @ day 19 from germination - freshly tied down
View attachment 1080168

Take care
the dude
Definitely love the idea of both going 👏👌🙌😍👍😀I have something like this as well mine is a 4x8 and I truly wish I would have gone with a 4x5 or 5x5 veg instead I got 3x4 and truly don't have the space that I truly want 😢but dealing with it and will definitely get another one soon


Definitely love the idea of both going 👏👌🙌😍👍😀I have something like this as well mine is a 4x8 and I truly wish I would have gone with a 4x5 or 5x5 veg instead I got 3x4 and truly don't have the space that I truly want 😢but dealing with it and will definitely get another one soon
I truly love the idea of setting up a separate tent for drying heck just vent each other together and using a intake fan system pulling the air flow through whatever direction you wanted to but definitely interested in seeing what you come up with as well what I can do as well 😀👍😉


Update here - I harvested all of my first run of Karma Haze - they were struggling pretty bad towards the end and the yield wasn't very good... Its dried for over 10 days and is just going from bags to jars... I've sampled some and it seems like it's got keeper potential but I've got to do a way better job.... it's definitely got that coffee shop smell when I smoked a joint, and it's a pleasant change in high compared to the heavy-stoned selection I've been smoking on -- I've read hazes can really benefit from a long cure....

The next one is comin in at Day 31 now and is starting to show some lighter green towards the bottom while also showing some clawing tips... I haven't been giving much BioBizz Grow (N) for the last few weeks as I had top dressed some bat guano with a 3-15-4 and have been assuming they are light feeders --- I'm now wondering if the last ones (picture above) were suffering from being underfed in the last stretch?

I've been having some temperature issues with some spikes up to 85f (my lights go on at 8.30pm but it's been really hot and the room needs a few more hours ( I need to move the time to 11pm - 11am) ... also humidity which was naturally around 45 - 55% but its dropped to about 35% on average now and sometimes drops down to 25%

Any pointers - is she looking hungry or overfed ?? or are these heat stress signs?


My 501st OG which was looking so lush and perfect in the post above also took a bit of a turn for the worse - I think I screwed up the watering cycle and watered her two days in a row last week - I wanted to let her dry out properly and when I checked her at lights on yesterday her lowers were drooping bad begging for water.... this plant still was in an 3gallon fabric pot of my poorly aerated soil and transplanted to a 20l fabric pot before flipping - I feel like that shitty soil is causing the pot to dry out unevenly....

What do you guys think? you can see the curled weak leaves in some of the pics?





things still truckin' along - i'm struggling with temps and forced to dim the lights.. the room where my tent get's really hot in the afternoon and evening (27c before the lights turn on at 8.45pm) ... it's only gonna get worse over the next 2 months or so ... i'm gonna slowly move the lights on time to start later in 15min increments but it won't help that much... I'm remembering why I gave up on growing the first time 15 years ago due to excessive heat in a tiny studio apartment.... fortunately this time I have dimmers and am not sleeping in the same room as the flower tent!

In the pipeline i've started some more top dawg seeds - BG'91 which is labeled BG Chem x Chem '91bx ... My search for some kind of bubble gum continues as I've scrapped the 2 BOG Bubble phenos that I had selected from the first run - I ran it a 2nd time and it just didn't impress compared to the other cuts I have (high leaf/bud ratio, extremely bushy plant that took up too much space for the amount and quality it yielded)...

here's some shots

LD95 at about around 2-3 weeks

Garlic Haze


Karma Haze finishing up - day 63 - been plucking nanners for the past week (I had a brainfart light leak leaving the passive vent open one day - but it could also be the heat or N excess)


Group shot


well i'm in for a hot first summer grow experience... the day time temperature in the tent (lights off) is up to 30c --- when lights go on at 9pm i have to dim the lights for a few hours to keep things under 32c.... eventually it holds at around 28c for most of lights on...

Canopy shot -


LD95 - day 21ish

Garlic Haze


501st og


LD95 #1 - slightly slower to flower


LD95 #2 - smells on this one are really wild - stacking so nicely


The rain gods are on my side - temperatures are staying in a healthy range due to the recent cool weather...

I came to realize that my watering practices have been way off - especially when transplanting and moving up to bigger 5 gallon grow bags.... I never really fully saturated my soil and was probably watering too little too often... When emptying the fabric pots of my last harvested plants I could clearly see that the root ball never really took over the final pots....

Veg update - this is what's gonna be going into flower next:
1. Karma Haze - 3 cuts - 2 different phenos .. One that I haven't managed to run to harvest yet in the 5 gallon bag - ready to go in a couple weeks
2. BG'91 (middle) - 6 in about week 3 of veg - just repotted to 1 gallon pot - planning on letting these go natural in 3 gallon bags - maybe even single cola to save space - got a few funky leaves on one (fused leaves, double points), and some variegation in another...
3. LD95 (right side) - 2 cuts from my girls that are in flower -



Garlic haze - this strain is caked with frost and has beautiful buds - hard to describe the nose on her, sadly a bit 'generic' .. but not at all the typical haze I'm familiar with... not much info about this seedbank (earth witch seeds) ... I've seen some reviews on seedsites that are very positive but mention that it's not really garlicy or hazy... The friend I got it from doesn't even run it anymore ...





Garlic - decided to smell her before the others today.. definitely getting a more complex aroma from her, kind of like a spicy tiger balm smell... very interesting and definitely not generic... I guess weed is kinda like cheese, if you sample the strong ones first you miss out on the nuances of the more delicate ones


501st - she really doesn't yield too well but may be one of the best weeds I've smoked - it's got this really loud bergamote/herbaceous flavor...


LD95 @ Day 44ish - calyxes starting to swell
20210708_222432 (2).jpg




Garlic Haze between my 2 LD95s


Garlic Haze - getting plain water - maybe 7 days from harvest.. we'll see

20210714_220828 (2).jpg


BG91 in veg - some funky leaf structure - over lapping leaves

Karma Haze #4 standing by for space in the flower tent


Karma Haze #4 went into flower - making room to transplant two Karma Haze #10 and 2 of the 3 confirmed females from BG '91 seeds -- I had planned on leaving them as single cola plants but may have to top soon as I'm running out of space


LD95 is getting water only from here on out...

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