Below is a link to compiled video clips from Jason Verbellie's research and experiments. It covers several topics and methods. One being how magnets are made. Magnets are made from DC current and according to a man named John Searl, there is a MUCH better way. I think there are several technologies that could be used or applied to horticulture to cut power consumption considerably used by electrical devices.

The more that can be understood about magnets, the easier it will be to apply it when building a magnetic water filter for example, or one of the many other useful devices that increases performance....the magnetic water filters DIY will be in a separate thread.

If you look in the video description you will see all the links that can be used for reference and study.

I will try and make some time by the weekend to build and detail the steps for one of the simple Electro-Culture devices with pics and a typical setup for experimentation using a negative ION Generator for the DIY.

I think I covered all the bases for most of the needed reference and study material to get started.

General connection instructions for the Negative ION Generator SW750.

NOTE: Please use common sense when working with household 110V as it is VERY dangerous. The following is meant for educational purposes only and YOU are solely responsible for ANYTHING that might happen! Electricity can cause fires! Use caution when working with electricity!!

This is a very simple circuit to build and I would suggest using a fuse for safety as shown in the picture.

The SW750 has 3 wires.

The black and white wire is for the 110v AC current line.

You need to purchase or rob a standard power cable from a 110V device of some kind like a old DVD player or whatever you have available. You can purchase one as well from any hardware store.

The ION Generator will rectify a pulsating DC current from the AC power line which will produce a flow of negative IONs from the output line (The Red Cable).

The Generator if you notice only has one red wire coming off of it, and that is a bit misleading since it is the negative output line.

You would connect the red output line to the center connection point in the middle of the needles on the PCB board. The negative ion's will flow from the end of the needle tips (Not pictured). You will notice that the connection point is in the middle of 4 needles and has 2 needles on each side of the connection point in the middle of the PCB board. Cant miss it.

The picture shows a 3 prong plug but we will not be using the ground on the plug. If you were to ground it at this point in the circuit you would prevent the ION Generator from producing ION's. Just a FYI.

This is all that really is required for a basic setup as far as connections. The only other thing is mounting or positioning the needle points above the plant pointing down, or better is to use a fan. If the fan has a metal front cage instead of plastic that is even better.

The Ion Generator has 2 places for mounting screws and some have used other creative ideas like the body of a flash light to house the electronics.

The experimentation would be length of time to run the generator. The ION flow is directional so to speak.....or can be controlled and directed.

To be continued........
Below would be the suggested steps that one could take to improve their conditions and plant growth and health. You do not advance to the next step until you start seeing improvement in your results. This will ensure that you have a firm understanding of each method and know how and why it works.

Step 1 would be building the inexpensive Electro-Culture device using a Negative ION Generator. It is a good introduction into advanced methods.

Step 2 would be to then introduce a Electro-Culture device for improving seed germination, and/or cloning methods.

Step 3 would be to introduce or add a Ozone Generator for water treatments.

Step 4 would be to implement the "Vortex" method for water treatment.

Step 5 would be to implement a magnetic and geometric water filter.

Step 6 would be to implement the Rodin coil and sound technologies.

Step 7 - Accept your new "Jedi Master" skills with open arms!
Another picture of the ION Generator with the PCB attached to the output red wire. This ION Generator will produce the same ION's that are created by a natural occurring thunder storm.

We have tested several different type generators and methods, and this particular SW750 model produces an enormous amount of ION's in a fairly short period of time.
craaazyy idea bro! never come a across this b4. totally amazed at the results it got u. how long have u been workin on this 4?
Umm lets see, I got my first Waterfarm from General Hydroponics in the mid 1970's when they first came out. Then I think if memory serves, a few years later Dyna-Gro came out with there "made for hydroponics" formula. I remember it was around or soon after that time I think when we started our first experiments in Electro-Culture. The water treatment technologies was not experimented with until WAY later, like within the past 10 years.

I have often thought of why these methods are not more known about and used today considering the first experiments that I personally know and read about were conducted in 1935.

I think the main reason is because these methods work with forces that can not be easily observed or measured. For the longest time we thought that the vacuum of space contained absolutely NOTHING. If it were not for Quantum Theory we would still think that today. Now we know that the nothingness or vacuum of space has actually LOTS going on and there are forces at work that release energy. Just because we do not know yet how to "see" it or "measure" it does not mean that it is not there. Science is literally being re-written on a daily basis.

What really got to me is when I first witnessed a law of physics being broken which is not possible. When you "see" a Rodin coil for example output MORE energy than is being put in, well it is hard to explain but it changes your belief systems at a core level which for humans, takes a miracle to accomplish.
Thought I would share some of the latest projects with water treatment methods. In the pic you see a typical extension of pvc pipe that is used on a UC type system return water line from the water pump. This can be applied to any RDWC or DWC system as well, FYI.

If you notice there are two small holes drilled on each side of the coupler for the pvc return water pump line. When completed the coupler will have 4 more holes drilled in it of slighty larger and smaller sizes. Specially prepared very strong high power neodymium magnets (not pictured) are then inserted into these pre-drilled holes. Attached on the outside to the end of the magnet is a very small copper line that connects the magnetic arrays up to our power driver and frequency controller (not pictured).

The magnets will be arranged in the PVC coupler in a geometric fashion and will be alternating poles (North,South) to create a "magnetic array".

If you notice also the round neodymium magnet in the pics which will be installed before and after the pvc coupler. That is that round metal ring. Two of these will be used and in theory these 2 should allow control lengthwise, and the 6 round magnets in the coupler should control width's of the magnetic fields.

The experiment will be using different waveforms of energy sources to "drive" and control the magnetic array and treat the returning water into the EPI Module of the system.

We will test several different frequencies and parameters.

One test will include trying to "charge" this return line water flowing into the EPI module of the system.

This small modification to the return water line could bring HUGE benefits when dialed in correctly!

The big question we want the answer too is will this help and keep the nutrient solution balanced for a longer period of time. We already know from previous testing that it improves plant growth and health and fights pest and diseases, the plant uses less water and nutrients yet produces more yield....BUT....will it prolong the life of the water so to speak. Hopefully some of these test will provide some of those answers. In theory the balance should be kept and tank changes would not be needed. This is also possible due to the ULTRA low EC levels that will now be sufficient to provide proper and better plant nutrition. We shall see!
What a typical installation might look like.....

Pictured the generator is mounted to the fan using the side screws of the fan.

They make ion detectors but they are expensive to actually measure the output of the generator. Another way is to put your ear up to the emitters and you can hear a "hissing" type sound but it has to be quiet. A better way is to wait until it is dark and then put your finger really close to one of the ends of the emitters and you will see a blue light that will go away for a few seconds if you actually touch the emitter.

Another way is to use something with a quartz digital display as it will make it turn black if held in front of the emitter. Note the face will return to normal after a few minutes away from the ion generator. I have pics of this if anyone wants to see.....

This is a good way to help determine where the flow of the ions are going.

I dont think I mentioned this but these ion generators do a number of things. One is its effects on dust particles in the air as it zaps them and makes them fall to the ground which can be vacuumed up. This is great for people with allergies. The negative ions also reduce odor smells as well as fight and destroy air born pathogens and spores like the ones that cause the dreaded PM.

Lots of people use ion generators for health reasons as having one pointed at your head a few feet away at night while you sleep can do MAGICAL LIKE WONDERS!!!
Yes that will work to kill algea and biology. I would suggest you get the 24 watt instead of the 9 watt as I would imagine they are over rated on how much water they will treat. It will depend on your setup and method of growing and amount of water, as to how effective that particular UV sterilizer would be Joehank.

Mississipi hip- To answer your question, ozone will kill most all bacteria. But keep in mind that what is shown in this thread and discussed is negative ion generators that produce negative ions and not Ozone. This negative ion generator in this particular application is used as a Electro-Culture method to increase plant growth and health. Just a FYI.
I think your taking that step out of context so to speak, Treatment of the water with Ozone happens way before the water enters the actual system. So you can still follow a non sterile approach or addition of inoculates. If you go back and read some of the earlier post on ozone treatments you can see that the applications deals with "Preventative Treatment" or the conditioning of your source water BEFORE it is used.

If you are going to be using biology however, then you need to also take that into consideration when setting up for ozone treatments. The treatments for water going to be used with biology would slightly differ than if a sterile program was the intentions.....

I would suggest you research "Redox Potential" for a better understanding.

Please open another thread if you wish to discuss Ozone treatments as this thread is going to be about Electro-Culture methods with does not include Ozone Treatments so to avoid anyone confusing the two.

I already got confused myself at first as I thought you were talking about the fact that if you increase the voltage on a ion generator like the one we are testing they will indeed produce ozone instead of ions......

I dont wish to discuss ozone treatments.

I was quoting your statement trying to gain clarity about this tech and beneficial bacteria.:)

I wont be posting on this thread anymore I dont think... no worries.

I passed on the whirling "back to the future" thing at the grow store ,

I'm prolly too dumb to understand why this could help me anyway.

Your welcome.
Not sure what the "whirling back to the future" thing is you saw at the grow store Electro-Culture methods which is what this thread will discuss and illustrate has been used and proven since the 1940's.

The concepts are actually very easy to understand if you take the time to study the reference material. I seriously doubt you are to "dumb" to get it.......

If at any time you dont get something please feel free to ask or even PM if you want.

On the other hand I am for sure not trying to talk or convince anyone into trying these methods or even that they work. I am just presenting the information for anyone that wants to put it to a test and see for themselves how well it works and the advantages gained.

I think I stated back at the start that these methods are mainly (not always) for folks that are well experienced and have already perfected the "basics" of plant health and growth and are looking to now advance their knowledge and experience even further, or help improve upon what they already got going on.

It can also be used as preventative measures to help ward off any possible complications in regards to plant health and growth.
Speaking off preventative measures......bottom line is this, when you start to get and improve upon all these environment "conditions" into the "target" area of measurements and levels best suited for plant health and growth your chances of success goes up and chances for disease and health problems goes down down down......all these little condition improvements add up in a BIG HUGE way!

You also do not need to try and combat diseases and problems anymore simply because none arise, and when something does arise, it is very small and easy to fix.....this changes the game in a BIG way and in your favor!!
Hey Guys,

Great thread! I've used micro clustered water, dc input and frequency modulated current all to good effect. Lakhovsky coils and orgonite also work well if your plant is robust. I've also used a rife machine for dealing with powdery mildew - it worked well as part of an overall plan but wasn't doing it on its own.

Advanced - curious about how you would use a Rodin coil in this context? This stuff works guys. If you follow the money trail you'll understand why this info got buried- you can do more with less and a lower profile.
I'm going to remain a skeptic until I see both of the following; a side by side that isn't conducted by someone with a vested interest in the results that still shows that any of these ideas work, and second, a clear discussion, founded on the science I learned in college, of WHY it works.

Until I see both of these, I'm going to operate (successfully, I might add) under the assumption that frequency modulated current is more useful for FM (frequency modulated!) radio transmissions than growing plants.
Awsome thread guys this info really got me researching and thinking of growing in a whole new way. Im putting this info into action! just ordered the the ionizer from the link provided (thanks rollin) now my question is this how large of an area does one unit cover? any thoughts on that advanced? Thanks again i appreciate any help and guidance i am a true electro-culture pada won!