First ever herb grow


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Purchased a 4 x 2 tent and a small led panel to get started growing. Started 4 seeds for germination. One popped out first day. Thought the others were duds but kept germinating. 2nd seed popped 8 days later and third on was 9 days. Decided more lights were in order. Ordered a Mars hydro ts 600 as secondary. I will post a few pics.

Nicely done! I think i'll tag along for the grow as well!

And Yes! Welcome to the Farm! 🍻
Decided to pull the switch into flower. The two smaller have been topped and look good.
Here is the larger one in first 12/12 day
Just checked on my larger plant and I'm 60 percent sure its male. Double checked a few other nodes and they looked the same.
You got lucky it showed so early. Since you haven't even been on the flowering light a for a whole day yet I would switch back to veg and get your other plant bushed out.