First time coco run, Please help🙏🏽🙏🏽

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some peopel dont mix coco with perlite at all infact its pointless really and pure coco usersd will tell you that. if your ion a really large pot its maybe worth it but anything under 5 gallon should be fine as coco has exelent drainage and absorbtion by itself
That's what I've been hearing. Next run, no perlite and I'll see if affects watering.


Good evening everyone, first time posting so I hope I don’t mess this up too bad 😜. I’ve been growing medicinally for a little while now but I’ve never done hydro or have I grown in coco coir. A bought a new line of nutes I wanted to try out and it was recommended that I use the most neutral medium I can find and that coco was my best option.

Without doing any further research, I bought some and planted my four germinated seedlings directly in the coco coir in 3 gallon fabric pots, ( first no-no) I also didn’t mix the coco with any perlite until I found out later that that’s essential for drainage (second no-no). I managed to add some after to the top third of the pots and mix it in. Then with a little more research I find out that I’m supposed to buffer the coco with a CalMag solution and since I didn’t do that I started foilar spraying at 1 week old and it seemed to have boosted them because I seen a change within 2 days. I usually run a 600 hps system for the whole run but I decided to use 600w led for veg this time( first time using LEDS ). In The last week I’ve seen great improvement in size but 1 in particular although getting big fast, has yellow streaks on old and new leaves, one is has a couple of leaf edges curling up and one has its leaves pointing down.

Our tap water here is very soft and is only 50ppm, with the nutrient solution it’s about 377ppm and after checking runoff after feeding there’s only an increase of 35-50ppm. From what I understand so far, that rules out nutrient lockout correct?

Please let me know if I forgot to mention anything. I have 4x4x7 tent with 4 inch intake fan and carbon filter, oscillating fan and a 600w led for veg at the moment. The temp ranges between 20C and 26 and humidity sits around 25% but goes as high as 40%. First pic is exactly 1 week old and the rest were from today at two weeks old. View attachment 1109507 View attachment 1109513 View attachment 1109508 View attachment 1109509 View attachment 1109510

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
The streaking looks like a harmless mutation, cal-mag deficiencies can cause twisted leaves.
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