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I have several years of experience growing outdoors, mostly guerrilla growing with mediocre results.. Last year i moved to my own land and tried growing in a tent with far better results, but still with many mistakes.. I grew autoflowers, no training at all except some defoliation, didn't know that pH of soil is important for nutrients intake, that you shouldn't water them until top layer od soil is dry..

This year i want to try it more seriously.
Already got a lot of experience with my first indoor grow, but outdoor still brings extra questions.

1) my first concern is duration of direct sunlight.
On pic you can see my garden and my old tent.
Of course i would buy bigger tent now, that one is absolutely to small..

I checked old photos of the garden to see how long does sun shines here..
(I live at 46.1 North latitude)
The problem is mainly the forest on the right, which cast shadows soon..
And the building which blocks morning sun..
Direct sunlight:
June, July. From 9am to 5pm
August, mid September. From 10am to 4pm
October from 11am to 3pm

June, july, no problem since its still veg, direct sunlight means the most while glowering right?
So, would this place have enough direct sunlight to grow?

2) which strain?
Due to limited direct sunlight growing early finishing strain would be in order right?
Any suggestions? Of course high yealding :D

What are your thought on green gelato?

3) growing technique
The tent I'm looking to buy (bigger version of the one on pic) is only 2m high. So training is obligatory in my opinion.
I was really impressed by this guy, who makes it look very easy..

My plan is to do something similar.
To keep them low, so topping and lst.
Anyone here did something similar?
What would you recommend for growing in such tent?
Probably i should order seeds soon, March will be here soon.

4) i was thinking of buying a big, 4x6m tent, so i could also grow tomatoes inside as well. Is this smart or i could risk some additional pests/diseases with tomatoes in same tent?



Hi @KosarZiga, welcome to the farm! 🥳

I'm a beginner too but have read a bit so might be able to add something to the mix. I have used topping and lst to limit the height of my outdoor plants, you can take a look in my grow diary. I found it to be fairly straightforward and there are heaps of tutorials online.

However, have you considered growing autoflowers given your sunlight constraints? You could work within the months with good direct light that way.

Good luck with it. 😁


Hey, new to the forum so I dont know if this is too late for this season. Have you thought about using light deprivation? In California some growers are using this method to get multiple harvests because of their long growing season, but I think it would be interesting for you to try if you have the ability to start them off indoors to make up for inducing flower 6-8 weeks earlier than natural conditions allow.
If you're not familiar, light dep. would involve getting a black tarp to completely cover your tent. This way you can trick your plants into 12/12 whenever you want. It does involve the commitment of removing and replacing the tarp every day, but I think it would be worth it to let them flower during the 8 hrs of light period u have in the summer. If you read about light dep. I think you will find growers getting better yield and quality from their mid-summer flowering than traditional fall. Also should reduce the powdery mold and botrytis issues that come with cooler weather. I don't know about pests where you live but I was told I may be able to avoid certain caterpillar problems as well because they aren't as prevalent in midsummer as they are in the fall when they normally expect to be eating. I am thinking about trying it on my patio this summer but I have limited space so not sure yet if I do I will definitely upload pictures once I figure out how to shut off location data on my phone.
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