Flowering with FF soluble nutes

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Hello everyone! I am 2-3 weeks from flipping my lil shrub and wanted to know if anyone has grown in a similar setup or can guide me in the right direction?


~ Outdoor in daylight / Indoor @ night
~ (2) Feit Electric 30w PAR38 LED w/ screw-in cone reflectors
~ 10-gallon Smart Pot
~ Bottom 1/3 of container: Nature’s Living Soil
~ Remainder of mix: FF Ocean Forest w/ my self-harvested red wriggler worm castings mixed in
~ Using FF Dirty Dozen nutes (only using a few since the NLS is pretty HOT and even FFOF has a decent amount of nutes for early to mid-veg). Although I am trying to find someone who can inform me on the soluble flowering nutes and how/when to use (Cha-Ching, Open Sesame, & Beastie Bloomz). The bad things I’ve heard about these nutes seem to come from people who followed the FF feeding schedule (imagine that🤦🏻), but have heard many growers who achieved great results with a significantly reduced dosage and/or frequency of these 3 products. ANYONE IS FREE TO COMMENT. PLEASE HELP ME WITH ANYTHING YOU CAN INPUT...I am not the type to bark at someone because they gave me advice that didn’t work or harmed my plants. In the end...not everything will work for every situation, so I just want as much info as I can get so I can make an informed decision. Thanks in advance, everyone! CHEERS!!! 🍻
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