Freezeland is rocking Strawberry Kush

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i need a dry
waller, you in the area?
@freezeland2 nice looking plants!..
i'm on vancouver island BC and i don't travel anymore.
no lie, i once had a guy from california fly me down to do his house
he was wanting bragging rights being able to say he flew in this trade and that trade from where ever blah blah blah.
no da vinchi here but i am rather proud of that.
as the saying goes, it's not what you know it's who you know


End of week 11

7th week of flowering started today. Plants got their last shot of amendments today so it is just plain tap water here on out. I’ll be beginning to back the lights off and drop my temps. I still got one plant in the tent that hasn’t shown any inclination of wanting to finish. Not a brown pistil to be found on any of its buds. That one will be a very late finisher me thinks.
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