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G gnome

G gnome

Mom's doing good considering she had another c section.

Oh no, we sad two kids and that's it. I'm closing my store.
2 and done for me but i like to stay practiced haha

Looking good, she's hanging now. I'm supposed to be down their cleaning and reloading now lol.
She definitely looks like a keeper, just need to smoke some to know for sure lol.
I feel ya....gotta go get the shit to wire up my gavitas in a minute here but when jimbo comes around ya gotta make time!
King Julien

King Julien

Yo I need some info on gummy treats. Reheating store bought then adding drops of tincture....???? Please? Anyone.. Sounds simple but has anyone done this?

Well I've never done it before with store bought. I've always used bulk gelatin I got online and just flavored it to taste with sugar and kool-aid flavors of my choosing.

However, if you were going to use store bought, I would assume everything should work just fine. Might be careful to heat slowly to keep from scorching until it melts down enough.

A few things to think about though...

Most commercial gummies are coated in a starch to prevent them from sticking together. You might consider washing that off lightly before melting down. The tiny bit of gummy lost won't matter and the extra moisture will help things melt down. Most gummies are dried before packing as well for up to 2 weeks so they need extra moisture to melt down right anyway.

Also, just in case, you might consider a test run with just washed gummies and some alcohol without any actives in it to make sure it turns out right. It should. I wouldn't think they add anything that would screw up that process but you never know. Would be an easy way to know for sure.

Other than that you should just be able to reheat them with a bit of extra moisture to them until they melt down, add your tincture, then let them solidify again.You can keep them as a moist gummy in the fridge for up to 2-3 weeks stored right.

For best storage though you can dry them out in a food dehydrator after dusting them with corn starch and bag them with a silicon dioxide packet and they will last at room temp out of sunlight for a very long time. Just drying them in a box with a dehumidifier after coating them in starch will suffice for just storing them for a month plus at room temp out of the light once they get fairly rough on the outside.

Otherwise you can also freeze them which makes them last a very long time as well but makes them obviously less convenient.

AND just realized when that was posted. I assume he got that looked at. Well the info is there now for others.

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