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Just sent a new phone back so I feel your woes...FB lookin stout man!
It was full, my bad tbh I tried to move it all to USB and clicked cancel and it just vanished 😭. Nowt in recycle bin either. Silver lining though, I've discovered an all in one data download from Instagram. I'll get my pics emailed to me via a link. Wonder if the farm has this functionality(I'm actually capable of ripping data from entire websites but my data sniffing days are long behind me and don't fancy sifting through a bazillion pics to find mine 😂) I'd love a hard copy put away somewhere safe(I did have one but upgraded pc nd forgot) something to prove and show the grand kids papa Fudge was a rebel 😜
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My cloner will be empty again soon, if anyone is after cuts give me a shout. I'm open to trading too

Kali dog (chemdog x OG Kush), Glookies, sour diesel, mighty grape, la amnesia, gorilla, bignug, jungle boys WiFi mints, wedding crashers, super orange glue, sherb tree, cheeselicious, purple punch, double black, mimosa(not ready for cuts yet), white widow.

spicy white devil, fat banana, wedding gelato and star dawg coming too soon
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