Getting Burned In Hell

The problem of starting with unknown old seeds is the only one that's grew and female turned out to be a sativa and is growing into the light (CMH 315 watt) as you can see I managed to bend some but I should of went farther down I wasn't sure if I was doing it right. I rotate the it every other day because I can it's just a 5 gallon bubble bucket my old Rdwc sprung a bad leak in the middle of my grow. Should I trim of burnt leaves? Try to bend it more?
I have tied every stalk to the side's to keep them from being directly under the light. I don't what else to do at this point .
Go get yourself some tall canes and green twisty wire and wen your mediums dryed out use the canes and the twisty wire to create a kind of c shape on the stem-being very careful not to bend em too much and use the wire to tie the branches in much height u can take off depends on how flexible the stems are but even with just normal stems you can take a couple of inches off at least.other than that just try to keep em to the side of the light to stop the tops getting burnt.i thought I had a pic of a plant I had done it with from a time someone else asked the same question but I don't so I,v drawn a wee diagram to show u what I mean.dont laugh at my drawing
obviously yellows the cane and blue is the twisty wire.
You can lose a couple of inches this way but if u need more then that you can do it twice making an S shape instead of a c.just be careful you don't snap your branches.let the pots dry out a good bit first as that will make them less likely to snap.
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