Getting PPFD right throughout grow

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Hi all, interested in how to go about working out light levels for different stages. I understand the plants will let you know if they are getting too much or too little, but still nice if there can be some semblance of system to it or some way to get that extra couple of percent yield. Found this chart online from a former greenhouse grower. I had already been using around 10 DLI through early stages, and moved up to around 15 through second week of seeding. Have begun to move the lights down an inch a night from their 30 inch starting height, hoping to get down to my lights ideal height of 14 in then start turning up from there. Anyone agree/disagree with the proposed curve, which would see you in the first week of veg ramp up from 15-25 DLI? Keen to get some unput. TIA all.
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