Girl Scout Cookies & Friends

I got $200 on that shit! THC Farmer Booth at the HTCC. That shit would be cracking like a MOFO. I got wax and flowers that I could bring out for sure. Let's make this shit happen y'all.
@caregiverken you guys know how it was last time... we do need a chill spot... i heard its supposed to be redonkuliously hot... we would need a canopy or we gonna be roasting in the sun... my ears were like pork rinds last time.. and its wasnt even that hot....
You the man Evoke!
T shirts! And a banner!
Slickers? Lol :p
Gunna be Sik! :woot:
I think we need logic to give us a ok to call it a THC Farmer booth!
Hope he's down with it :)
So the deadline for reserving the booth is the 15th of this month so only a week...sorry its such short notice but lets see if we can still swing it. I need to get a full tally of everyone thats down to throw down so I can figure out what we each need to kick down. The booth also comes with 4 vip tickets so if you dont have a ticket yet you can kick down more and get your ticket that way. I talked with logic and he is totally cool with us rocking a banner if we wanna banner our shit up. How big is your canopy @caregiverken ? we will definitely need one. I have a big ass cooler as well but will prolly need one or 2 more. @HookedonPonics @mayonnaise @ssteely71 @the messiah @baba G @MakinGoo @bigcheese510 Let me know whats everybody. Hope I didnt forget anyone
Cool bro thanks for the info. I was going to grab a 4x4 tent for my next run but this makes reconsider and maybe grab a 5x5. 9 plants in a 4x4 vs 16 in a 5x5...probably a pretty considerable difference in yield...
U would think but it works out pretty much the same... less plants = more veg or less veg but more plants