Gotta Make A Decision Today- Chiller Inside Grow Room?

I've got a tent in a garage and I'm contimplating putting the chiller in the garage. Chiller is 1/2HP. I'm concerned it'll throw too much heat. But plumbing outside garage is a b*&tch. Any experiences with this?
it does heat up a little bit, my 1/10hp does lol. build a shroud around the back, duct splitter to create another suction duct tube and exhaust it with your carbon filter. I had to do this for my AC i put on my grow room i built in my garage.
but again it depends on your current temps outside your garage and how fast you exhaust the air to your room. turn it on for a day and measure your rise first before going to home depot. I know @heisenbubble runs 2 chillers in his grow room.