Green House Seed Co. Strain Hunters - Official Trailer

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Lemon Man

No apple here only Lemon. Can someone say las wages Nevada. This should sum all the debate up. No more to be said. sincerely the Lemon Man.

organic herbalist

im gutted. a couple of weeks ago i had the chance to get some banana but it ran out before i could order it.

No apple here only Lemon. Can someone say las wages Nevada. This should sum all the debate up. No more to be said. sincerely the Lemon Man.
aaaaaaaah, las vegas nevada as in the high life awards video. ok now I get it.


Strain Hunters ....HUNT THIS.......

C.R, Talamanca Mountains..........
during the last 20 months 3.6 million plants have been destroyed......

during the last ´´round´´ , 36 plantations that covered 26.000 m2 and a total of 800.000 plants where destroyed , 1 native ´´suspect´´ was detained at the plantation with 10k of seeds that the police ´´retained..´´..

The landrace has been kept pure by the indians.. a REAL sativa.. (NOT NEAR COLOMBIA , in talamanca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

It may not be as potent due to inadecuate drying ... someone needs to help them indians and show teach them the green thumb , couse they got the green spirit already...

La cultivada en Colombia contiene hasta un 10% de THC y más del 14% la cosechada en Jamaica. En cambio, la c.r tiene un 3% de THC.
También se comercializa, aunque menos, la marihuana hidropónica, conocida por los adictos como “kreepy”, hasta con el 20% de THC.
...local newspapers claim the landrace to have 3-5% of THC , while colombian has 7-10% and jamaican 10-13%....

they also talk about the hydro 20+%thc called ´´kreepy´´ .....

apparently , colombian narc´s like to trade with these indians ..
to add volume to the already shitty weed the export the most... strain trading , no actual help , plain using the indians and theyr work ....

they give ...
50lbs , for a ´´meal pack´´ with tuna cans , rice bags , sugar , salt , coffe , etc...
40lbs for 1 shotgun ... + 20 lbs for the ammo
10lbs for 24 batterys ... even 5 lbs for some ´´machetes´´

again the newspaper quote....
Así, por ejemplo, por 50 libras de hierba entregan a los nativos un diario que incluye dos bolsas de arroz, cuatro paquetes de azúcar, dos bolsas de café, cinco bolsas de sal y tres paquetes de macarrones.

También incluyen sopas, atún, leche en polvo y consomé. Por 40 libras de esa planta les entregan una escopeta (que usan para cacería) y por 20 libras les suministran 10 cajas de municiones

Si quieren dos machetes, deben llevar cinco libras y si desean 24 baterías...
Hope u ´´STRAIN HUNTERS´´ find this ´´good´´reading ....



cool vid...been to the same place as you guys were....but i found that in transkei and knysna have more 'clever' growers who preserve old school the old school rasta community deep in knysna forest....
the king has got it goin on!
ive met some of thos rastas bru ime from PE we should hook up


strange hunters

Hello my dear cannabis cultivators,
can anybody tell me what is so great about this video?
What are they hunting?
It's a cultivated field!
There are no males, so how are you going to bring home the motherfuking seeds?
Are you all sleeping?
Why would you train for a holiday?
In '85 Arjan smoked his first joint and there was a seed inthere, then he founded the greenhouse seed company.
The greenhouse started as a coffeeshop in '92, then there was no seed company.
Let's ask Shanti Baba
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