Grove bags, who uses them? Pros/cons?

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I don’t like spending money on anything unnecessary. I gave grove bags a try and I found they did what they advertised. My issues with them is I don’t like plastic anything, and they cost too much for what they are. I haven’t had them degrade yet but I’ve only used them for 6mo.

To play devils advocate; if you drop or step on a glass jar you have a chance of breaking it.


I am gobsmacked at your vitriol towards a product you havent tried or seemingly havent researched enough to have a working knowledge of. You come off as "butt hurt" regarding the bags with (so far) expressed opinions based on what? Gnicj.


I like the bags and the variety of sizes. Price is fair and they don’t take up much space. When humidity is too low cuz I made an error I throw in a boveda and done.

I plan to buy more.
Probably should put grindings in them as I notice plastic baggies and the small jars lose freshness.

I have some large cvaults but they are pricey.


So it was my first grow but I went with both jars with bodiva packs and grove bags, I would say for ease of use the grove bags where great and end product was indistinguishable from the jar cured buds after a month (I did half a plant in jars and the other half of the same plant in the bags)

I did notice that my grove bags RH dropped after about 25 days, more so than the jars by about 4% on average (I kept a RH/Temp monitors in all jars and bags to compare) i would say they are worth it I’d curious to see how they do with a 2nd use on the next run

Old post I know but figured I’d toss my experience with them in here
Careful with Boveda packs.... I tried using them and it completely ruined my cure!!! Took all the flavor put of the buds...

I found if using boveda packs... I recommend using them when done curing
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