Grow #2 - Barney's Farm Acapulco Gold Feminized

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Day 67

The plants were flipped to flower on day 59, eight days before these pictures were taken. They all seem to be responding well.

I'm using FF nutrients for flowering according to their feeding chart.

Plant #1: This one seems to be the healthiest, but not the fastest grower. It isn't stretching much yet.
P1 D67   20230105 163250

Plant #2: This one has grown best from the beginning. It's stretching the most now. I'm going to lower it away from the lights today. Some of the lower leaves are yellowing at the tips, so it apparently has a slight nutrient deficiency. You can see one of the yellowing leaves on the left side of the picture.
P2 D67   20230105 163238

Plant #3: This plant was stunted from the start due to multiple problems. It's finally growing well. We're curious to see what it does. Because we only have one tent, we had no choice but to flip it with the other two. It probably could have stayed in vegetation for a few more weeks. This situation has me thinking about running two tents, one for vegetation and one for flowering.
P3 D67   20230105 092520


21 Days Since the Flip

There haven't been many changes since the last report. I added an oscillating fan, so now there are two. It was a cheap one, but is doing the job.

I'm thinking we'll have a crop from this grow.

Plant #1 - This one didn't stretch much, but I think it looks okay. I've started adding a cal-mag supplement. I probably should have started it sooner.
P1 D82   20230120 104246

Plant #2 - This one stretched a lot. I have no idea why one stretched a lot and one stretched a little. It has always been taller, though.
P2 D82   20230120 104307

Plant #3 - This one has struggled from the beginning. We decided to just let it grow and see what would happen. We're glad to see that it recovered somewhat and is likely to finish. This is our cat's favorite for biting of the ends of the leaves.
P3 D82   20230120 104326
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