Grow number 2 for me

Grow numero dos for me and I went with 3 plants. They are x1 mandarin zkittles, x1 mandarin cookies and then 1 more of either of those but I forgot to mark it down. It has more of fruity smell like the cookies but then also a tinge of the zkittles so we shall find out! But here they are, this is the 4th or 5th week of flower and they are still growing strong I think but I am no master grower by any means, just here posting the girls and loving the process of the grow! Pics go as follows: zkittles, mystery plant and the cookies. Also the middle mystery plant was started about 2 weeks after the other 2





So you think it should be chopped within the next few days? Thank you! They smell awesome and the pics don’t really do them justice. I just want to take them down when they will be at their peak.
I forgot to quote it so you wouldn’t see my response lol my bad
Cool beens. Thanks. Yeah, 70% cloudy? Harvest, or so they say. Harest a few flowers/stems now - a few more in a week and 1 day. Don't ask why a wk & day, been puffin'.

Had a plant in the ground this year and left a few lower branches to "mature" for several weeks (mine need 10-11 weeks) and these somewhat forgotten flowers were the best tasting of all 3 generations of this cross I've grown. Seriously, I need to start experimenting on 7 weeks, 8 wks, 9 wks - 15 wks, etc and see what is produced.

Leave a few lower branches and continue to care for and see what happens.
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