Grow number 2 for me

Cool beens. Thanks. Yeah, 70% cloudy? Harvest, or so they say. Harest a few flowers/stems now - a few more in a week and 1 day. Don't ask why a wk & day, been puffin'.

Had a plant in the ground this year and left a few lower branches to "mature" for several weeks (mine need 10-11 weeks) and these somewhat forgotten flowers were the best tasting of all 3 generations of this cross I've grown. Seriously, I need to start experimenting on 7 weeks, 8 wks, 9 wks - 15 wks, etc and see what is produced.

Leave a few lower branches and continue to care for and see what happens.
When i dry them though i hang them in the tent and I don’t want to have the lights on them while they are drying. I may just wait a week and then chop em, ill see how they are looking on Sunday. That is a very interesting discovery as far as the taste, i wonder why the low ones were so tasty? Whatever small buds i have I’m just going to put all of those in a bag after they dry and press them into some wax. Ill do the same with the trim as well. But if you are thinking a week till go time that makes me excited! I cant wait to be puffin on this Cheeba. I hope to get a decent amount hopefully cause they seem pretty heavy honestly
The ladies will be coming down this week, took off a bottom branch from the 2 plants and left the smaller one alone and tried them today and came to the conclusion that this week will be the week. Also i just pressed out about 2-3 grams of the stuff i picked off 3 days ago and got back a pretty good amount. Excited to harvest!! The bag blew out also so don’t mind the few little pieces in there. Need to reorder the rosin industries bags. I dont have a flash on the iPad so the color of the wax didn’t really come out.
I got 3 jars, didn’t weigh it out but it smokes great! Just curing it now, used some of the small buds/larf that there was to press out some wax too and it is pretty good so i am very pleased with how this all turned out!Going to be getting some paper towels wet in the next couple days with some wedding cake so stay tubed for that one!