Growing, distributing and selling legally...How and Where?

Right now in Israel, we're celebrating the Jewish people "holiday of liberty" aka Pesach (or Passover), but the people in Zion are far from being liberated... The plant is still illegal for recreational usage and as the local monopolistic market is orchestrated even registered patients are deprived of their medicine...

all Jews set down to the "Seder" two days ago to celebrate the liberation of our people from the Egyptian tyranny and the horrific slavery, but truth is not much has changed, we are still told what we can smoke, grow, sell or buy... we work our ass off and earn the the lowest salary in the western world, everything is taxed to the roof- we pay 10$ for a gallon of fuel, we pay 400k USD for the crappiest 3 bedroom apartment in the suburbs and about a million usd for that same apartment if located in the big cities like Tel Aviv... and of course no one can grow and sale cannabis besides the richest business men, ex politicians and police chiefs... We are not the home of the free but still a nation of slaves under a pseudo capitalistic market which in fact resembles more to socialism than to a real free market.

I just want to grow my product and sell it without being threatened by jail or risking the authorities will take my kids away got forbid.. the plant is already a part of me and everything i do seems like i'm wasting my time if im not growing... so lately i've been thinking of going away for some time to be able to grow... just the thought of leaving Israel, my parents sisters and brothers makes my heart ache but i'm thinking about it more and more seriously.

I think CO is the place to go for minimal governmental requirements regarding cannabis cultivation but if I do decide to go, I'll go to wherever the plant is free...

So where do you guys think is the best place to start growing legally? and what is the capital and time required for permits to grow and sell? I know my questions are vague, just trying to get a general idea here...
Honestly, I would personally be looking at the northesat of the USA, Massachusetts and Maine in particular. The west, California, Washington, Colorado and especially Oregon are all over crowded, producing more than they know what to do with and very expensive to get into the market. Massachusetts and Maine have no real systems in place for distribution and this could give you the opportunity you are looking for. You would be more likely to be able to get in on the ground floor and build something up a bit more slowly. But I would still suggest you have some big bucks to make it happen. I have seen it many times where very good growers who are making a few bucks growing on small scale try to move to a "friendly" area and simply not make it because the market is over-saturated. So keep that in mind too if you really are planning on making such a drastic change in your life.

It may sound silly but Uruguay may also be an option for you. It was the fist country to fully legalize. From what I understand it still takes a government license and tracking of all your product from start to finish, but it also seems like the place where a someone from a more affluent country may be able to afford the start-up costs. Just something to think about.

All in all do a lot of research before you make any big moves. As legalization comes it also is creating an environment where only big money will be able to get into the market. And without being able to secure loans from banks you would be relying heavily on out of pocket money and investors to back you.
Anywhere you go, you will run into some of the same problems. In the Northeast, Medical MJ sells for $20/gm, or &70 per 1/ is highway robbery! The other side of the country is giving pot away, and selling ounces for $ it isn't all milk and honey despite the stories.Canada has taken a very large step by legalizing it on a national basis, like Uruguay. Prices in Canada aren't too much different than in the USA unless you live in major metro areas, IE Toronto and Vancouver.
Growing and selling are viewed much differently by the Law. While the police are somewhat resigned to pot becoming more and more acceptable, the sale of it is a juicy tidbit that the Law loves to pounce upon. While smoking is considered "everyday", the sale is usually seen as a major income for gangs and cartels, so they put 2X the scrutiny on sales as the used to...especially if you are a minority/Black. Watching the cop shows on Friday and Saturday nights will show just how much more reform is needed, especially if you are in the deep south.