Hand Watered Rockwool Grow

Hi no.8 here..
This is my 3rd grow first two were cut short let's say...
So I've made my grow cupboard, using 1x T5 twin bulb dual spectrum, (I do have another light the same but far too much heat) 4" buddy filter, and a couple of cooling fans in place...
Im growing in rockwool, in pot noodle size pots and hand watered, i found with coco hand watering the coco dried out too much, so I've adopted this I've not read anything up on it all, anyway, I don't have alot of space, so I soaked the rockwool in plain ph'd water, stops ya breathing it in aswell when ya tear it up! I pretty muched made it very compact in my pots, then leave to dry for day or so...
Germination time.
I will say I'm 3weeks into
the grow so I don't have pics from the start........
I planted my beans straight in to there pots.
Using my little finger to
make a hole in the
rockwool, then pinch
the.. Rockwool to close
water so rockwool stays
damp, i place mine
straight in the cupboard
lights on 24/0 and plastic
bottle tops for humidity,
so my beans
Two autos...
Lemon o matic and what
I call Russian rocket fuel
or nycdxak47
3 photoperiord strains
Courtesy of bomb seeds
Bubble bomb can't wait for them.....
The diesel strain was planted a week earlier,
So I just make sure it
stays damp, skip the
So roughly 5 days and
there all out, i water all
plants with plain ph'd
water for the first week,
i keep the bottle tops on
them until there first set
of leaves look like they
can take some light, i
noticed that I probably
watered once a week or
twice a week, depending
on rockwool, I've bin
waiting till the rock wool
dry at the top...
After they've gone a
week or so I use
nutrients, I'm using
canna grow and flower
combo, ph up n down if I
need to adjust it and
molasses, roughly in
2litre of water i mix a
cap of of my canna a+b each, mixing in between, then I add a drop of molasses, just a drop, check ph I'm using a ph between 5.5-6.5 but ive bin getting 6.3 mainly seems good enough and water, as the Russian rocket fuel is the eldest nearly 4 weeks and beginning to pre flower, you can actually tell when they need watering by simply lifting up the pot, i now water it properly, until I see say 20% run out my pot if too dry water does tend to take longer too soak into the rockwool, water with caution when you do, all are doing well I've got no problems nor any sickly looking plants, so so far
So so good
I will continue to this one till flower and harvest...
Stay high and happy folks
Ps my fone wont up load any pictures which is disappointing i really would like someone to see them and tell me what they think
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Very nice, I've found it to be the easiest to grow in, saguaro i take it you don't flower them in rockwool then??
I'm planning on leaving them as they until I get better and more equipment and a more secure location. Not good when your landlord rings you and asks why is that locked cupboard humming haha, i said it was a reptile tank that was dangerous haha, got a few other strange pets around the flat
good thing the landlord wasn't a reptile enthusiast eh? that would have backfired for ya pretty quick.

To answer your question… yes, I do flower and finish my girls in rockwool as well.

I start everything whether they are clones or seeds in Root Riot plugs.
Then, once they begin to show roots in the plugs, I immediately transplant.

Seedlings go in 16 oz beer cups filled with 1/2" RW grow cubes while clones go into 4"x4" RW cubes.

The reason behind this is mainly to save a few $$$$.
You see, a 16oz cup filled with 1/2" grow cubes is much much cheaper and affordable then a 4"x4" cube.

And with seeds…you just don't know what your gonna get.

So if I'm growing out clones, they will go from Root Riots directly into the 4"x4" cubes.

Then, once they begin to stretch their legs and throw roots everywhere i'll finally house them in the pots I finish them in which are 1.5 gallon mesh bottom pots.

Here is an example of one of my plants just after transplant into the mesh bottom pot.

Nice lookin lil grows. :) I used to use hand watered rockwool in 3.5 g. buckets years ago.... would yield big in the right setup... I've never done an auto strain but I gotta admit that they are lookin better N better...
Thanks man... My plan is to switch the lights on 18/6 at the weekend, so the photos stay in veg for an extra week or two depending on growth, can't go too big, i know when i switch to 12/12 to flower the other 3 I'm going hurt the yields of the autos..
But I do have another light whigh is attached to the side so....
Im thinking cause of heat
problems I've tried it, I'm
going to try it on for 20mins
and off for 10.. Hopefully if I
worked it out right the lights
start to produce more heat
after half an hour.
So the auto Russian will be in
front of it plus I'll rotate her
Daily only by 45degrees at a time...
Fingers crossed i hope for potent crops of my little ones
Just took a couple more pics others are 3days oldo the biggest is the Russian noticeable growth everyday!!!
Hi guys
Just an update....
Russian diesel, has begun pre-flowering, it's measured at 120mm so far, as I'm aware they double during flowering, should be big enuff, I'm using canna and Buddha's tree pk booster.
Lemon o matic....
Also just started flowering roughly 26 days from seed. She's a little small so I'm guessing if I used a bigger pot, she'd be bigger but only a freebie...
The three bomb girls are looking good, two still in the veg cabinet, a lanky sativa looking one has been moved to my bath room Window sill, the windows slightly open, and the blinds down, nice a warm with a little breeze...
Another sativa looking one, will be going to my mate, seems he's got a little problem with popping beans so I'm gonna veg all of his for him,
And the last is very indica looking so I'm keeping here for a mother (after my next cabinet build)

Ive done some defloration on my Russian girl, also I've tied down the side branches
Also I've got one of my fans sitting on a small plastic beaker, it also contains a diluted floral spray solution, i figure instead of me spraying directly on to them, it evaporates and the fan puts it into the air of my cabinet..... Im just trying things. Probably alot of the solution wont evaporate, as I see from salts that are left dried up, but I would of some guess that some will evaporate in to the air, I'm not sure but it doesn't seem to be hurting them I'm any way so I'll keep going with maybe try a grow with and with out one to see if it does have any effect
Little update on the grow all are healthy
My Russian girls flowering nicely however, i don't really care much for the smell of it!!! Like rubbish or rotten fruit!!!! And if it gets stronger!! Not looking forward to that shit!!! Cherry odor eater handles well tho
With the auto Russian I've used my normal nutrients canna a+b flower and veg mix seems to work well I've added a little of the Buddha's tree pk booster to it through the pre flower she seems well on in flowering now so I'm gonna switch to just flowering nutrients and see how she goes, start to show little burnt tips but might just be age I'll flusher her out get rid of any build up, i think Buddha's tree pk booster 9-18i think its pretty strong but little goes a long away then carnt be doing much wrong
Everything looks to be on point so far...

One thing you may want to consider is to cover the top of your pots with black & white panda film like I did in my pic above.

What this does, is allows the roots to grow all the way to the top without dying back because no light is able to penetrate the medium.

This also helps to keep the pots from drying out too quickly between waterings and also keeps algae from growing because again, no light.
Thanks saguaro, i had noticed a little algea starting to form, will the algea kill the plant cuz i wouldn't want to re pot her now I'll find something in the mean ti cover them up, having a look at some Dutch passion autos maybe durban poison auto and auto frisian dew maybe I would like to try alot of different types so I'm gonna auto my ass off to find something I like..... Too much cheese in the uk..... Im sic of it...
Experimented with defoliation tonight, I've done it through out, the Russian girls grow and she's loved everything I took a couple of fans leaves off 3-5days she looked like I hadn't took one off!!! So lemon o matics had it aswell now, but I think the way I've done it seems to not stress them out too much, I Waited till the pre flower pistils where out then I trimmed all fan leaves from main cola except the the top full grown leaf, then I leave till she bushes up again, then trim all fan leaves which are on branches.... I've gone pretty extreme with my Russian girl, but I hope that she does what's i want her to do if this works then I'll be doing every one I grow like