Do people trim when wet, leave on stalk and hang whole plants? What are peoples techniques to maintain quality during the drying process?
Everyone has there own technique I’ve trimmed wet and dry , my preference is wet trimming just cuz I feel it’s easier( and I like to scrape the sticky icky off my scissors and smoke it! Lol) it dries a little faster . Dry trimming takes a little longer to dry but that’s a good thing.
It’s the curing that seals the deal with good tasting/smoking bud ! Improves quality as well! I’m sure some of the great teachers at the farm here have the curing process down to a science! However I view as more of a art! Lol I use a blacked out sealed jars and burp as needed to dry and rehydrate as needed then finish with a couple days in with a 62% boveda pack Usually takes 3-4 weeks at least sometimes longer. But it works for me !