Hello from Canadaaaa

Hey all, great forum you have running here. I joined up since I've been smoking for years and wanted to learn some more and eventually start my first grow in a few months time. Still deciding to do it indoor or outdoor though. My entire town is in the middle of the bush (small town), so I could definitely grow a plant unnoticed.

Anyways, I'm from Canada as stated in the topic title. :p In Northern Ontario to be exact. Small town = high prices and ditch weed. I've been lucky though since I found an old-school friend of my old man's who still sells. Only guy you can count on in this town to have some good bud with a decent price.

Sorry for the ramble. :)


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Hey Octaine welcome to the forums start reading and get growing :D
Hey there fellow Canadian! I too live in Ontario but due South! I live in Toronto. Welcome to THC

Take Care and Peace

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eh Octaine welcome to the Farm eh!:)

and hello from amsterdam:cool: